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Your Divine Soul Gifts SEEN in the Akashic Records BY REQUEST BEFORE YOU CALL. Email your birth info + $56 for off-line psychic work + $3.50/min. for Part 1 Soul Realignment reading of your Unique Authentic Soul Expression.
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A deep spiritual focus guided my development of sensitivity to the "unseen". Studies of metaphysics, spiritual philosophy and psychic awareness began early in life and continue throughout - along with holistic health, energy healing work, spiritual philosophy, meditation and an inner Happiness. This Consciousness allows the Connection - Communion - Communication of a deeper focused reading which can truly guide the caller along a life path toward Happiness and True Fulfillment.

* True Spiritual Understanding, Deep Insight & Guidance
* Honest answers with kindness & compassion.
* Spiritually Guided Intuitive gets to the core of any issue offering helpful solutions.
* Clear relationship insight and practical spiritual guidance.
* Multi-cultural religions studied, experienced and welcomed!

Wayshower Intuitive, Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment
Soul Realignment® Practitioner
Regenesis & Mastery of Energy Healing Practitioner
Reiki Master
BA in Philosophy Within Literature
Tour Director for Holistic Life Travels, transformational journeys to ancient temple sites in Egypt and Peru
Approach to Topics
The Akashic Records, spiritual library of all our past and present life actions, holds the key to knowledge of WHO You ARE, on a Soul level. With your permission and birth information my psychic senses enter the Akashic Records where your Soul communicates specific details to guide you toward transformative fulfillment of your destiny for this lifetime. Your Unique Divine Authentic Self Expression is the focus of this Soul Realignment reading.

It is an honor and delight to offer you this powerful in-depth opportunity to learn about your Soul Gifts. So many Keen callers have asked for this information that I chose to study and become certified in the Soul Realignment course specifically for you. Knowing your Divine Soul Gifts may assist you in choosing a path of work, creativity or relationship most likely to yield deep personal and professional fulfillment and rewards with most joy and ease.

Research in the Akashic Records needs to be done before your reading, while I am off-line. (Payment for this psychic exploration time is $56 in advance.) The messages from your Soul will be gathered for you and delivered concisely in a regular Keen call - priced at $3.50 per minute.

Afterwards, you may request a separate reading, Part 2, in which you can learn about the current effect of choices made in previous lifetimes. This understanding can assist in inspiring new choices for success and happiness in the present. The transformational purpose of Part 2 Soul Realignment is to clear blocks and restrictions of the flow of your Divine Life Force Energy and to assist in the fulfillment of your Soul Gifts.

To request a PART 1, SOUL GIFTS reading:

In a Keen email, please provide accurate date and place of your birth. This Soul Realignment work is available ONLY to yourself, your dependent child or other person who is financially dependent upon you. You will be sent a payment request through Keen mail for $56 to pay for my time while psychically accessing the Akashic Records of your Soul, on your behalf.

Please note that once I have begun this work, the $56 payment is non-refundable. Also, the final cost to you includes a Keen call in which the reading is given. For Part 1, this call will likely be about 15 - 20 minutes of information delivery.

After the research has been done, I will send a Keen mail to you, with free minutes. (Please click on the link in that email which will connect your calls to this listing.) When you use the free minutes to call we will schedule your reading delivery session. A Keen telephone call is the only way to receive your reading.


Soul Realignment readings with CLEAR SPIRIT INTUITIVE on Keen are available as a two part process. Part 1 is available to all who have NOT previously had a Soul Realignment session. Part 2 is available to all who HAVE had Part 1 from me or from any Soul Realignment practitioner. This is the step where the Soul determines which aspects of present blocks and restrictions are ready to be cleared and released according to your stated intention for the session. It can be read for you at intervals of six months to a year. Once you have cleared blocks and restrictions from the first reading and made new choices, taking new actions in your life, another issue ripe for transformation may arise for which a new Soul Realignment Part 2 may be requested.

Part 2 prepayment is $182, as it entails more complex research and time to prepare. The process of requesting the reading is the same as Part 1. Delivery of the reading is also via Keen call at $3.50/minute. The time for Part 2 information delivery will include your input into the conversation and is likely to last about 45 minutes.

Thank you for your commitment to transformative psychic readings, and the actions you take to create your happy and joyful life. I look forward to finding Vital Force Energy keys for you in the Akashic Records.
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