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I offer natural healing with a Tarot card layout Reading. I am a 100% honest tarot reader and I read the energy from the cards. Have a question about a past/future connection, message me today!
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Hi there, My name is Destiny! I am starseed-Intuitive Healer & Empath and Tarot Reader!

Nice to meet you :)


I do not Sugar Coat my Readings, I read the energy SOLEY from your specific person connected to you in the Tarot Cards. I do a 10 Tarot card Celtic Traditional layout for a precise and accurate energy reading.

If you are confused at all; I will do my best to explain each card- but you have to ask :)
Please ask me for any clarifications; I am willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND & to ask spirit for oracle/tarot clarifiers for you to clear any confusion :)

Please be respectful and as I will be always be as professional as I can be to explain each card in depth.

As an established Tarot Reader, I want to let you know that I read the energy from the cards , what my intuition states and exactly what spirit is guiding me to let you know, as the energy can change weekly, because this is your person's energy connected with you and not yours solely.

I am only a Messenger of spirit, I am not in control of another person's emotions and free will.

I am also not a psychiatrist, Medical or Financial Advisor, and I do not claim to be. Please seek professionals assistance if you are needing recommendations

I will always give my clients an in depth- and 100% honest and clarified reading.
You may not like what you hear all the time, but I will not waste your time. Thank you.


I am a Twin, identical. I grew up hearing noises, voices, seeing shadows and I never knew my gifts until later in life after my spiritual awakening. My mission on earth is to be an intuitive healer, and to assist people through tarot readings/ healing shadow-work needed to be done to motivate you to keep going through your life journey.

My specialty is in love and relationships only; for I empathize greatly with the human spirit, and I will do my ultimate best to guide you with the answers you need and to benefit you greatly by using my intuition/empath psychic abilities and seeking guidance from my spirit guides.

I have helped numerous people for the past few years and love giving them them clarity and understanding the energy their life is moving towards in love.
I can help with personal and private issues on Keen, as I truly do want to give you a peace of mind to those that are needing clarity in their own lives, & in their own relationships and partnerships.

I am an intuitive healer and can help assist with giving you the answers you need.

If you have any questions during my readings, I am 100% able to give clarity prior to as I will always aim to explain what my guides are telling me.

So excited to work with you today!
Approach to Topics
Let me heal your worries; and open your mind. Ask your questions; Are you in a relationship? Did you just get out of one? Is your heart awake with questions that you can't answer. Let me be your spiritual guidance. .My specialty is in love and relationships for I empathize greatly with the human spirit, and I will do my ultimate best to guide you with the answers you need by connecting with my spirit guides/angels through my tarot readings. Chat with me today!
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