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My grandfather and my mother were both master Rosicrucians, psychics, and tarot readers and I began learning spiritual concepts when I was only five years old and received my first tarot deck when I was only 9. My mother taught me a wide range of techniques and disciplines, including tarot, oracle cards, crystals, scrying, mediumship, chakra balancing, reading and balancing auras, astral traveling, reading Viking runes, meditation, visualization, working with spirit guides, sensing and manipulating energy and spirits, blessings and cleansings, protections, yoga, astrology, numerology, channeling, trance work, energy healing, and so much more.

In addition, I have studied a wide variety of philosophies, world religions, sciences, precognition, quantum theory, magical systems, angels, sigils, moon cycles, mantras, chanting, drumming, animal communication, channeling, and deepened my overall understanding.

I received my first ordination in September 2009.
Approach to Topics
I had always loved animals ever since I was a very small child, and as a young teen, I slowly developed the ability to perceive and work with the nature and animal spirits that associated with people and places as guides. As I delved into mythology, religions, and different traditions, diving deep into my own meditations and working with my own personal Animal Spirit Guides, I learned a great deal about how spirit guides worked with people - angelic, ancestor, elemental, and especially animal spirits (sometimes mislabeled "totems").

Spirit guides, especially nature-based ones such as animals, are found in all cultures all around the world and are a common human experience, and while we are still fascinated by the concept of animal spirits (just look at most sports team mascots!) we have grown mostly out of touch with them. I really take great pleasure in reconnecting people with their guides and allowing them to learn about themselves and the world in this unique and fascinating way.

You typically have 4-5 active/dominant animal spirit guides at any given time - usually one of these is your "main" guide who stays with you for the duration of your lifetime and the others come and go as you learn various lessons and face various challenges. By connecting with these guides, you learn faster, discover things about yourself you never knew, overcome challenges more quickly, and are generally more in tune with your life and what is going on around you. In addition, you gain access to a world of knowledge and abilities you may have never known existed otherwise.
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