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Psychic/medium Andrew, Master Empath Specializing In Mediumship And excelling In Love and Relationship Readings. 3rd generation, He inherited gifts from his mother at a very early age. She and his grandmother were very famous and gifted readers as well. as Andrew. Andrew has honed his mediumship skills and gifts over 35 years including over 14 years on keen and over 50,000 Readings. 5 Star Top Rated in all keen categories. He connects to the thought stream of others, the energy from loved ones from the other side, and can give you the answers and communication you are looking for. Andrew is very real indeed.
Approach to Topics
I tune into specific questions, and situations including but not limited
to your significant other, spouse, or lover. I do this by tuning into their
thought streams and seeing what they are feeling, or thinking about you
and your specific situation. I also do reach over to the other side. If you have someone that you are looking to establish communications with please understand these are very special type readings and to make that contact I need voice not chat, so if you are looking to contact someone on the other side make this a voice reading, please. Arrange a call or email me first.

Expect a different type of reading where you are much more than a
member number or username, you are one of my "family of clients".
I work with my clients to make their lives the best they can be, I love emails
from my family of clients and give you that PERSONAL READING EXPERIENCE,
I will remember you every time you call, chat, or send me an email. I do not stop helping when the reading is over. I love follow-up emails and I answer them as well as send you follow-up emails after our readings as well.

Many of my clients use me to continue making their lives better over decades with many situations and have the happiest lives. I help you go from "not knowing" to understanding your true path and how to get there.

I am here for email follow-ups, and to help continue to guide you and answer your questions, give you the inside information you need, rather than some ridiculous stock answer. I don't tell fairytales, , I help you make your life a real fairytale. I am a true hopeful romantic and understand the power of love. I stay close with my family of clients. I send free minutes, run many specials, and love to keep in touch via free emails as well. you mean a lot to me when you become one of my family.
The best part of a reading with me is that if you do not like where
the current path is headed, in many cases, I can help you change
that path in order to get to your goal. manifestation is real.

I do not waste time, I pick things up fast, and direct questions will get
you direct specific answers with timelines if seen. I can help you fix many choppy situations, get people back in your life, and tell you the truth so you do not waste your precious time. I am very open-minded and non-judgmental, you can tell me or ask me anything as if we knew each other for years, as many of my clients do.

All that's needed is a first name and a specific question. No general, please. Ask exactly what you want to know and you will get the most exact, specific, and accurate answers. Please do not be afraid of the truth and only call if that is what you are looking for.

Once you know the truth, you can make changes that can make things better for you.
I make myself available for my family of clients all the time. I accept free emails from my family of clients always. I answer each and every email because my clients are important to me and always will be. Do not let my price fool you as you get what you pay for. I won't waste your time, I send plenty of free minutes to my clients. I do run specials for my regulars. You are not just a user name or screen name to me.

Love and Light PsychicAndrew "The Love Medium"
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