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Archangel Sandalphon
Archangel Sandalphon
Has a Loved One Passed Over?
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Would you like to communicate with someone who has passed over? Do you have questions, or want to connect? Contacting your loved ones who have passed is a wonderful and powerful experience that can bring peace, and joy.
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From very early on in my life I was able to see beyond what is seen. I knew exactly when my grandmother passed, even though I was a world away in Europe while she was here in the US. A tremendous sense of peace came over me, and she had a message for me to give to my dad, her son.

Soon after I lost a dear, dear friend and he used me to communicate with his sisters, mom and dad. Not everyone received it well, because they didn't believe in these things, but the messages were given to them anyway, and those that believed were overwhelmed with emotion.

Since then, whenever I have been around people who have lost someone they care about, I have been able to connect to the other side for them, and bring them the love and messages that are so often very helpful for attaining peace, forgiveness, understanding and balance once again. I hope I can be of service to you too.

Many Blessings ~
Approach to Topics
Once I hear from you on who it is that has passed over, I travel internally to the other side and use guides to locate them, and then ask permission for communication. Usually they always want to make a connection, and are grateful for the opportunity. There are some rare occasions when they are not interested in revisiting their life here on earth, and do not make themselves available. But this is very rare!

Once we have established communication, I will share with you particulars that I am receiving so that you will feel comfortable with my skills, and know that I am truly connected to your loved one.

At that point, they will usually have a message for you, or what to share with you some sentiments. This is often very joyful and loving!

Do you have any particular questions for them? Or are you just looking to make a connection because you miss them so much? This is such a wonderful way to connect with them again, and so many of the clients that I help tell me that they can actually feel them in the room with them. This is so nice and such a reminder, that Love is all there is, and you loved ones have now gone over to a place of love, and that is all they have for you now.

It is my joy and my blessing to be able to do this work for those who believe, who seek, and wish to understand.

My Blessings,

Archangel Sandalphon.
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