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Adena is a Psychic Medium, Certified by Charles Virtue, workshopped w/James Van Praagh, and is the Host of Growing Up Indigo and Meta Mondays. Originally verified in 2001
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Adena is a Certified and Natural Psychic Medium ®. " I always knew I had the ability to see angels and to know what people were thinking and feeling. when I got to be about 10, people began coming to me at night and calling my name. I did not know they had Died. They frightened me. I blocked it out. During my Angel Certification, it all came back and I realized Medium-ship was my highest calling
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I am honest, and will always tell you the truth, but I never forget compassion. I hear, see, feel and know everything going on around you, and with others in your life. I have helped people manage careers, love lives, spoken to the people they have loved who have crossed over for many years. I still have many of my original clients from my early Keen days. I am also a certified angel practitioner taught by Charles Virtue and can communicate with the ascended masters and archangels to see who is working with you and why. I am a natural and certified Medium , from childhood, and certified by Charles Virtue , as well as having had workshops with Tina Daly and James Van Praagh. Medium ship readings are the most beautiful readings I do. I have never had one that it not healing and loving. As a Reiki Master, I can ask the reiki masters to assist me in attuning you, while we are on chat, as long as I have your permission. The assistance, as well as any of my readings are just as a
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