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Every paid call over 5 min.receives free follow up minutes. I am here to give you straight forward, honest and direct answers. No tools just honest divine guidance from the angels.
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I am 4th generation intuitive, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, emphatic, as well as I have the gift of remote viewing. I have been offering readings since my teen years -- that is now over 25 years. I am professional, compassionate, down to earth and straight forward. I have helped guide people from many walks of life threw very diverse situations, no topic is taboo for me. I stand behind my guides with the messages they send through are accurate. I will deliver what I hear, feel and see -- good or bad. I don't give all the Dumbo jumbo, long pauses, and chanting but I tell you in clear English what the spirit guides want you to know. I do not believe in making what I do into a freak show. I do not sugar coat anything-- I am straight to the point, caring and very honest.
Approach to Topics
I ask your first name and area you would like me to cover. I understand this is your money and time so I try and be as quick and clear as possible. If I ask a question it is to connect with guides and to make sure I am understand YOUR question. I am respectful yet straight to the point. Please be respectful when you call by being in a quiet place where you can talk and hear what I am offering you.
While on a session with me, I send healing energy to you where your guides feel you need it most. You may experience and overwhelming feeling to shed tears, get chills, feel warm -- this is my energy working. Please embrace it with the love it is sent with.
I also send my clients free minutes as well as specials from time to time on tarot readings.


Wowwwwwwww. Very quick and detailed. My first reading and i must say she was extremely accurate and made soooo much sense. She advised me with compassion and care. I understand this situation now and yes miss lady you are 100% correct. Bless you and thank you so much

Has provided a great amount of insight the past year and I've had the opportunity to see her explanations be true. I wish I would have listened to her more closely sooner because she turned out to be incredibly accurate.

Always right on point, kind and understanding. Thank you so much for always being there and offering me options for me to choose what I feel is right. You are a true gem!! Thank you again x

This lady is a true medium good!! I knew exactly whom she was referring to and I didn't have to guess or give any information. What's more I didn't ask to speak to the other side she said who was there and what they wanted me to know. Never had this experience on Keen.

First time caller. The woman was and is the real deal. She explain what going on in my married, We out grew each other. She even gave examples, I was like dang. She even told me there will be more drama with the brother and sister in-law. Then of course me, I was a free soul and everyone has suck the life out of you. As she said it; time to wipe things clean fresh start. Right to the point waste no time, will be calling her back.

Thank you so much for giving me some insight into the onslaught of these unexpected feelings haha. I wish I could splurge more this time and continue talking with you, but I will seek you out again. Until then, thank you thank you. I truly feel you are the best there is on this site. You lead with so much compassion and clarity, but you also are always right. Not one prediction you have made has failed to come into existence. I hope you are right about this one, I would like to explore this one. Thanks xoxo

I am truly blessed with the clients that are lead to me by spirit. I thank each and every caller and chat client I have had the privilege to connect with.

Thank you for placing your trust in me. <3 love, light & hope <3
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