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Clairvoyant Chrissy
Clairvoyant Chrissy
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For 55 years I have provided accurate and professional readings. I have read on national TV and been featured in books. One call will put your mind at ease and provide you with the answers you seek.
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From the age of 5 years old I could see people that no one else could and communicate with them. This runs deep in my family.

Since I was little I would give people messages from their loved ones and continue that to this day. Sharing my gifts and abilities is so important for me but equally important for you to receive information to questions that are near and dear to you.

I have appeared on national television, utilizing my natural abilities, I presented the host with information only she would know.

I do not offer time frames so when calling please do not ask for a time frame as what you do post reading can change and effect the time frame.

I rely on what information my guides are giving me. Some times the information comes through images, sounds, pictures that move very fast. I will only give you the information in which I am receiving it.

For over 55 years I have been giving spiritual, accurate, friendly and intuitive advice to people all over the world using my natural gifts and abilities.

What will I see for you? Call and we'll explore your present and future together. I never know what information will come up during our reading but I do give all the information I receive and often times this is a very healing time for the caller. Tears are shed but old trauma's are put to rest for some.

There is no question off limits for me.

I have also worked for many years with different police departments with crimes and unsolved cases/ cold cases

With medium ship I can not force a loved one to come through. When spirit comes through I relay all the information directly to you from them.

There are those rare times when I can't always connect to everyone whom calls me, in those rare but unfortunate circumstances I'll end the call.

Disclaimer: Calling Clairvoyant Ch
Nationally Televised Clairvoyant / Psychic / Medium Chrissy is not a substitute for advice, or treatment that you could receive from a licensed professional such as a therapist, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, financial advisor or any other like professional who holds credentials in said training and/or certified field's. All information Clairvoyant Chrissy gives is for entertainment purposes. Must be 18 and older to call Clairvoyant Chrissy
Approach to Topics
I have been given a special ability in which I use my insight to help and clarify subjects in which you need answers to. You can expect honesty from each of my personalized readings. I don't ask for names, birthdays or birth signs. This reading is about you and what your facing now how to better cope and handle stressful situations. I can't promise you all what I say will be a pretty picture or have the happy ending you hope it will but I only give what spirit is giving to me. I've had this ability since I was two years old that I can remember and have helped thousands across the globe with solutions and new insight how to better approach the problems their facing in a healthy way. I hope you will give me the opportunity to help you along life's some times bumpy path and help lead you to foresight and wisdom to better know what to do to come to a balanced place of peace.
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