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Kate Marquez
Kate Marquez
Low intro offer!!! Highly intuitive medium
10 minutes for $1.99
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Honest and accurate advisor. See my other listing for feedback.
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I have had these abilities almost my entire life. I remember seeing and playing with someone who had passed on when I was 3 years old and spirits have been visiting me ever since, whether I knew them in life or not. I started practicing my gifts and utilizing them to help others and myself about 20 years ago. Since then, I have made sense of the signs, symbols, and feelings the universe gives me so I can be extremely accurate and not misinterpret the information I've been given.
Approach to Topics
I get A TON of information when I read for people so a 2 or 3 minute live conversation with me tends to confuse people more than it helps. It's impossible for me to relay all the information in that amount of time. So, if funds are limited, you can try one of my payment by mail buttons and I can spend as much time as I need to answer either 1 or 3 questions.

I only need your name, anyone else's name involved, and your question. I don't need any more information up front but sometimes it's helpful to tell me more as we move along in order to make more sense of the reading. Feelings, especially, can be hard to narrow down without additional information (like if the fire I feel is passion or anger for example) but it's not absolutely necessary. It would just make my interpretations more accurate.

When I am asked a question, I receive information and dialogue back from the universe. I usually receive messages as part of an inner knowing and an impression that I can relay to you although sometimes, I will hear the message out loud and I'll tell you word for word exactly what was said. I can see visions of the past, present, and future and I'll describe them to you as I see them. I also have a very accurate deck of tarot cards that I can use. I have my own interpretations and intuition that I get from using the cards for as long as I have and I can either tell you which cards came up and what they mean in this case or I can just tell you what the result is without getting lost in definitions. This is not my reading. I'm just a vehicle to give you YOUR reading. So, aside from my suggestions on how to get the best reading from me, you can decide for yourself what direction you want it to go. I will also tell you the truth in every circumstance. I believe in karma and I don't want to suffer the consequences of lying to someone (which include feeling horrible about it for the rest of my life). There are other, less consequential ways to make a living that don't involve taking advantage of people like that.

On future events and timing-
My strongest attribute is feeling/hearing/seeing the present and the past but, when it comes to the future, people can change their course. I am still of the belief, however, that certain things will happen almost no matter what and those things tend to come in strongly and without question. The reason why the changeable things are harder to nail down as well is because I feel what's happening currently and I see a path moving forward of how these things will all play out. If something happens to alter this path, then the outcome could change. I think that most psychics (at least ones who have been practicing for a while) have this understanding as well. It can be a really good thing, though. You're in control of your own life. You can change the path to change the outcome or you can continue just the same while knowing you're going the right direction if need be. Also, you may feel one way today and think that you will never feel differently but how many times in the past have your feelings surprised you (whether they be romantic feelings you thought you'd never have or the feeling of indifference toward someone you thought you'd always love)? The fluidity of the universe is what allows you to change your mind and to take chances and make mistakes. With every disruption in the fluid that you make, it just flows around you and adjusts to conform to your movements. So, I can see very clearly what will happen in the future, until someone veers from the path. But rest assured that the outcome is very rarely too far off from the original picture and remember there are still those things that are placed into the timeline by design. So while the paths to these milestones may vary, the end result will be the same and you are in complete control of all the spaces in between.
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