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Inspiring & Profound life guidance and advice, mediating clients through vast scenarios of their lives; Relationships,divorces,career as well as helping find the answers to the mysterious nature of others &their intentions.
Profoundly accurate and in-depth, I definitely pride myself on my abilities and skills. Guiding and mediating a multitude of clients to their soulmates, out of karmic situations, and helping them during large Dharmic choices; career and spouses, etc. Even often finding inheritances that was unknown of or lost, as well as discovering pregnancies to woman who had been told or arranged to not be able to conceive children, I wonder what it is in your life that is to be discovered... I encourage your intrigue and await your call.
As Clairvoyant all of my life, as a 4th generation psychic-seer, I've always had a strong intuitive 'knowing' and empathic ability of feeling others energy, moods, intentions, and even thoughts, as a young child. I had always had the ability to see pareidolia, though after my NDE I discovered the pareidolia was augury, where I was foretelling the future events in specifics, based off of the images I would see in everyday items, like grain of wood or popcorn ceilings, etc. I was given Tarot, about 7 years ago, and haven't stopped learning the cards and my communication with my Guides and God since.
Tarot, intuition, with astrology I pride myself for my forte to forecast lives of the collective. It fascinates me, I feel that it is where my mind feels truly enthralled and expanded, because I am communicating with God and my ancestors fluidly as well as learning how to heal myself internally and externally for a better life. My vibration has reached such a level of excitement and radiant love, since my spiritual awakening and calling. Because of my spiritual abilities I have overcome a lot of hardships that most people struggle to even see a glimmer of hope out of. Knowing how blessed I am to have been able to acquire a higher perspective and my love for learning and teaching to and from others, I find it my purpose to share my wisdom, knowledge, talents, and divine abilities to guide and help heal others themselves, so that they too can acquire their divine path and purpose, or at least find clarity in parts of their lives which may hinder them without otherwise knowing. I do believe we are always learning and that nothing is ever mastered, because of the continuous cycle of life and knowledge . Epictetus stated," The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing", which is where I rest my values in knowing that every day is a new perspective of what was already learned and that we will learn something new everyday to add to what we will relearn in new light, that in spirit and in 3D we are continuously expanding and sharing our new views and understandings with one another. Hopefully I can help guide you with my spiritual abilities and the wisdom and knowledge I have accumulated, via my own personal perspectives, and in turn perhaps learn something new through the eyes of you all as well.

Approach to Topics
I am a very abrasive reader, however very motivational and inspiring. I am also well knowledgeable and versed in world religions, the occult, and esoteric information, respecting all of the above and truly finding love for everyone, I encourage you to be your truest self. I love to point out the positive attributes in all situations, as every lesson or hardship is always a silver lining. I will never lie, mislead, or sugar coat anything to you, however, we will find the beauty in the wreckage, if ever there is a wreckage. Most of my readings tend to be uplifting and filled with success and love, considering that's where I tend to keep my personal vibration, so if you resonate with me, it's most likely similar.

Love Life & Relationships , Career & Finances, Past loved ones, Spiritual abilities and self awareness, etc. I also can help shine a light on others intentions towards you or expectations of you. Essentially, there isn't a question or topic that we cannot touch on to be discovered.

We will go through clairvoyant messages as well as Tarot, to tap into the initial messages your guides and higher self are guiding you to discover, then unfold the rest from there on. If you are unsure of what to ask or do, we can always take it slow and let spirit and Tarot show the highest priority of messages needing to reach you, if you are ever unsure of what to ask or say, once you call, you'll see how comfortable and easy it is to communicate to your guides and higher self. Feeling refreshed and aware, like a breath of fresh air, with confirmation and confidence, is the energy I tend to like to close out my sessions with. I welcome your intrigue and await your call!

For a most accurate reading you'll need to provide:
- an Image of you or the person you're inquiring about.(most preferable)
- (optional) birthdates

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