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Psychic Medium Brandie
Psychic Medium Brandie
Brandie Kae "Let me help you connect!"
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Connect with your loved ones on the "other side" or get back on track with an angel tarot/life path reading!!! I LOVE connecting with Spirit! It is such a pleasure to help. Allow me to be your channel!!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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From a young age I would often see or sense spirits, but I was afraid.
After many years I decided to embrace this unique ability and gift. I have a full-time practice in Southern California, and I love my work!
Love and light is where I focus. I like to think of myself as a normal, everyday person with a family, that happens to have the ability to connect with those in Spirit.. And I think being able to connect with our loved ones on the "other side" is truly an amazing gift. I look forward to connecting you & your loved ones, and most of all helping in a loving, compassionate way. ~Namaste
Approach to Topics
My approach is pretty simple. I connect with any spirit energies coming through, and ask a series of questions (not out loud) of the spirit. I call it my Spirit checklist. After we have established whom is coming through we can them have a conversation. You can ask questions through me. I can become a channel for spirit. The goal is to provide clarity, and reassurance your loved ones are still here. I use the same process to answer questions about your life, and tap-into information about living people connected to you. Your guides will also come through to help with the process. I try to keep things positive. I am not a gloom & doom reader.
My goal is to provide as much info as possible to help all involved.
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