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I Know Everything, About Your Past Over Loved Ones
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I Am A Highly Trained Medium, And Have Been Since 1991. I Have Certifications In Religion & Spirituality From Harvard University & I Can Lead You To The Truth. Only You Know Exactly What You Need To Know, Spirit Understands.
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I am a highly skilled and trained medium and I have been since I was 18 years old. I have had these gifts since I was 4 years old and always felt something was different from me and the other children. Once my gift started you would not believe the criticism and doubts that flooded into my life once I decided to help others. I had people around me that constantly doubted who I was and then I would meet some who told me I was a prophetess many times. I am referring to ministers, bishops and evangelists. I was always the odd ball that seemed to know the past, present and future. Then I learned about what this gift was and what it entailed. I swear to you, I watched horror movies, documentaries, life stories and personal stories from my loved ones and my gift continued to become stronger and more precise than ever. It is to the point now that anyone I'm talking to Spirit shows me so much I have to beg Spirit to slow down so I can be sure to grasp every word and every emotion. It is my passion and my pleasure to be able to talk with you today and in this lifetime. Of course I have lived many lifetimes and throughout each I have had many guides, angels and other worldly contacts. I only welcome positive and loving energy in everything I do spiritually and in the physical world. I demand respect from everyone and I keep my circle very small and clean as can be. I believe in cleansing the area and prayer before each reading. I know I can help you it is just a question as to when you are ready to hear the truth. You know when our loved ones pass over it is not the end it is actually the beginning of all things. You have to understand that this life we live is not all of what it seems. We are in a parallel universe of many worlds operating in different realms. The secret is once you figure this out what do you do with your very short time in this universe. I suggest love, learn, share, be responsible and caring towards all people. Once we learn all we have to learn our reincarnating stops and we get access to the records of all records the Akashic Records which has the entire life of anything and everything in this universe. Once you reach this point you ascend to a higher power which means your soul travel is complete. I will tell you that very few humans reach this point. This is why there are so many souls just wandering the spiritual earth and beyond. Your main job is to figure out what you position, and spiritual job is on this earth and then you will re live situations until you figure it all out. We have to understand that sometimes it takes people over hundreds of lifetimes to truly understand what we are here to do.
So, getting back to your loved ones who have crossed over. I can help you understand and see them and tell you what they are doing and how they are feeling. You have and will not ever meet a medium like me. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and have clairvoyance abilities, I a medium, empath, spiritual teacher, life coach, and trauma and addiction counselor. When you call just know you can talk to me as a friend and a confidant. What we talk about is totally between me and you and you can feel totally free when you talk to me. I am passionate, caring and loving no matter who you are. Just understand that I am here to help you understand exactly what happened, why it happened, and if they are happy, sad, at peace or in pain, and where they are right now and how they are feeling. Spirit speaks to me deeply and I will know details that no other medium would know. The reason is I am very close with Spirit this is my lifestyle not a career. This is who I am, and I relish in it and learn each and over my 30 years of experience. I want you to feel you can call, text or email me about anything you wish whenever you have questions. So, let me help you finally heal and deal with what has happened and how it happened. You no longer need to be in pain because I know what you need to know. Much Love, Namaste.
Approach to Topics
I have a very motherly, loving, caring and non-judgmental approach to my craft. I absolutely love when you call me with an open mind, and you are able to take in each word I am saying. Spirit tells me so many details that I am lot of times have to beg Spirit to slow down. I will assure you that I can answer all the questions you have, because I have a very strong and loving relationship with Spirit. You will be amazed at what I know when you start telling me about your situation. All I need is your first legal name and all the legal first names of who you are referring to and the birthdates and what happened, and I instantly click into your energy and the energy that is still apparent of your loved ones who have crossed over. Now if you ask me something I do not know I will tell you the truth that I do not know. I do not make up things to make you happy. This is my guarantee that you will reach advice directly from Spirit and Spirit never tells anyone more than they are meant to know at the time of each reading. You can count on me when I tell you that my dedication and my love for this is extreme. I live for my deep and spiritual connection with Spirit and love to help others understand what is happening in their life. I know it has been a very long and hard road for you. Just know I am here to help you understand, and get rid of all those nutty thoughts, and guilty ideas from your head. I am here to assure and relax your mind of all of those troubles that are bothering you. Call me today and give your mind and spirit a break, from all the thoughts that are not verified and true. Let me help you in every way I can so you can live your life free, happy, in joy and I will give you a knowing and understanding that they are ok just where they are and their energy as a spirit can interact with you all throughout the reminder of your life. So, do not think of your loved ones as gone they are in transition for greatness to ascend to the other side. I want to be your key and communicator from the other side. Let me help you discover true peace and love in your life. Call, text, or email me today for your personal reading in truth and righteousness. You deserve to live in happiness knowing that your loved ones are safe, happy and living free. Call today I am ready to help you settle all those negative & horrible thoughts about how they feel and where they are. Namaste'.
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