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Chakra Reading
Is your chakra out of balance? If you notice physical symptoms or an emotional imbalance in your root chakra or heart chakra, you could be in need of a cleansing and energy realignment. If you need chakra healing, Keen has several psychic advisors who can help clear blockages in your energy flow and guide you in rebalancing your body's seven chakra energy centers so you feel happy, healthy, and confident in both your self-esteem and physical state. Call an advisor on Keen to get your online Chakra reading today!
What is a Chakra Reading? A Chakra reading is very similar to an aura reading. In a Chakra healing, an advisor will evaluate the energy centers that control your mental and physical states. Just like an aura, chakras can be seen with the naked eye or detected over a phone call by a trained Chakra healing professional. After discussing your concerns, a chakra reader can tell which chakra is suffering. The diagnosis could involve any of the seven main chakras: 1st (Root Chakra), 2nd (Sacral Chakra), 3rd (Solar Plexus Chakra), 4th (Heart Chakra), 5th (Throat Chakra), 6th (Third Eye Chakra), or 7th (Crown Chakra). After your chakra reader has discerned which chakra is in need of cleansing, they can give you information so you can learn why your energy is getting blocked. After you know this, you can find out how to work on it and start to heal the chakra in need.
Why Cleanse your Chakra? Much like your physical body needs exercise and checkups in order to stay healthy, chakras require the same kind of maintenance. Chakra refers to the energy wheel that rules your body. Your chakra flows up and down along your spine (also known as your central channel), connecting the energy from the top of your head to the base of your spine. A balanced chakra can flow freely and exchange energy with the cosmos. If your energy flow has blockage along the central channel passage, this could negatively affect your nerve center and everyday health. A chakra energy healer can evaluate why your central channel is out of balance and also provide guidance in opening your energy field back up so you regain your well-being.
Get a Chakra Reading on Keen! Are you having difficulty connecting with your body's regular energy frequencies? If you are looking for spiritual healing and a return to stasis in your chakra system, get in touch with an advisor on Keen today to receive an online chakra clearing. You can get three free minutes to use with a psychic advisor of your choice. Get in touch with a chakra reader and open your body's energy paths back up today!
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