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Psychology major and love expert! I am clairvoyant and clairaudient and will tell you exactly how to get the love of your life! I will teach you the secrets of attraction and the power you hold within!
I've felt my psychic connection my entire life and often remember the visions I had as a child. I've had many premonitions which have come true and I believe in divine guidance. I have always felt connected to the source, the divine energy of life. I am a certified life coach and use all my skills to assist my clients with the utmost care and concern. I've had many visions that have come true and it often shocked me at first. I developed my psychic skills right before the terrorist attacks on September 11. when a month before I had a vision of the incident. I also heard a voice tell me that I was going to have breast cancer. Then a month later, I felt the lump. The source has always guided me and told me that I would survive. Its been three years since I had chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and I am here today as a survivor. Spirit has brought me where I am today as a psychic.

As a life coach, I have experienced many personal pain in my own life. I will share this with you so you understand that I have empathy. I had many romantic relationships and I know how much it hurts to be in fear of losing my lover. I know what its like to see the evil that people use to destroy your relationships with people you love. I have been through divorce and even domestic violence. I know everything that goes on in a household and how people use emotional blackmail to get their way. You can say I became very "keen" to the games people use to either hurt you, or destroy you. I know suffering very well as many nights I cried myself to sleep crying out to God, "why?" Please take away this pain in my soul. I lost the love of my life because of the darkness of others. I was deeply betrayed myself and I vowed never to allow that to happen again to me or anyone else. I protect all my clients and their welfare is my concern. There is a way to keep your relationships sacred. I will show you the way.. follow the light I have paved for you. With all my heart and soul, I vow to help you and protect you. So that all of life's beautiful blessings be poured upon you.. Love, Camilla
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I am a tarot card reader and use my clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to bring insight to the readings I provide. I love chatting with my clients and develop a wonderful friendly relationship with them. I use humor to relieve stress while talking to my clients and often we are often laughing. Laughing helps to heal the soul and it's wonderful to enjoy laughter. I use angels guides to assist me in guiding those who feel lost and confused. I also believe in the power of prayer and believe that anything is possible with divine intervention. So faith is very important in the spirit world because faith can move mountains. I inspire my clients to believe that there is always hope and room for improvement. With the tarot cards as a guiding force along with my clairvoyance, I offer clarity and understanding so that my clients can see through the fog of confusion and understand that they have choices and free will. They feel a sense of comfort and hope that inspires them. I help clients accept the realities of certain situations that can not change. I listen attentively and demonstrate great care and compassion as I am empathetic and understand they are suffering. As a team, we work together as I suggest their options and recommendations by the tarot. I speak to you lovingly with all the pureness of soul within. I so want to help you and take away your pain. I believe in gentleness and prayer and I will pray with you and for you. Many times, I will bless you during a session as I understand how deep your pain is. The world may be a cruel place but not in my world. I believe in the beauty of kindness. You see... Kindness is my God.
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