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Velvet Harmony
Velvet Harmony
In Tune Clairvoyant Enegy Reader
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I can FEEL how others are feeling. I KNOW how they will react. I specialize in RELATIONSHIPS and DREAM INTERPRETATION and ENERGY WORK.I have been shown the way and am here to help YOU get ALL the ANSWERS you NEED!
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I am Velvet Harmony. A far seeing Energy Empath and Dream Reader. I am also have the ability to see auras, and sense other world entities around you and your home.

I have always had the ability to walk into a room and see and feel how each persons energy is relating to everyone around them. I can see aura colors and disturbance patterns from afar. I can read from voice tones and verbage what energies are being drawn in or sent out. I also have the ability to teach you how to change your colors and center your chakras. I can tap in to those around you and show you how they really feel, and how that guides what they are going to do. I can feel your energies from across the planet because we are all connected.

Another passion of mine is DREAM INTERPRETATION. I can explain why certain symbols come up. I can help with Astral Traveling Dreams and aid in how to do it yourself, so you can fix your current life. I can explain your nightmares. Why does your ex lover keeps returning to your dreams.

Other World Entities: Are they in your home? Do they need released or are they guarding your property? Do you or your children speak to them. Have you found dropped change? Have your keys been moved? What can you do to clean your home or self?

I am QUICK and to the point, NO NONSENSE. I listen to my guides and follow my intuition. NO MEDICAL Some tools I have used: pendulum, crystals, crystal balls, mirrors, dream, catchers, tarot, palmistry, and hands on energy work.
Approach to Topics
Being a Spiritualist attuned to the Zodiac, I SHARE my Top Best Psychic gifts, my guidance is always honest. I am able to recognize negative energy in your life and help lead you down the right path. I provide sound Relationship Advice, Work Advice, and Family Advice. I am able to offer Tarot on request. I am a Confidence Coach and this will guide you to lead the most positive life full of love and inner peace.
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