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Lantern of Light
Lantern of Light
I can tell you how your partner is feeling.
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Allow me to be your light in the dark and guide you on your spiritual journey. If you are struggling with a difficult time or a relationship, let me help you clear a path to where you want to be.
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I inherited my gifts through traumatic experiences. I have been reading for the past 10 years.

Approach to Topics
I can feel and see things before they happen. I feel your energy and the energy of those you inquire about. It is my duty to be honest with you, so please brace yourself before calling. My priority is to protect you in the long haul, even if that means I have to protect you from yourself. Sometimes we find ourselves in unhealthy situations, consumed with unhealthy people, but I will always be here to look out for your best interest in the long haul. Please remember discomfort equals growth. I don’t always get to share good news with you and sometimes you will want to shoot the messenger, and I can’t stop you from doing that, but just keep in mind the only thing I want for you is to be happy and healthy.

If you are calling to get clarity on a love interest or a relationship, I do have a different approach than most advisors. I am not just going to answer your concerns and questions about whether or not they have romantic feelings for you or what their intentions are. I will also share with you, if you will be happy in the long run (whether you are asking or not). Your happiness and well being is my highest priority.

I am here to help. My priority is not to make money off of you. With that said, I want to make sure for your sake that we are compatible before you start spending money. I have a different reading style and when I connect with your guides, lots of times they will want to share extra things with you, aside from the matter you are inquiring about. So please shoot me an email before arranging a call with me and the first 3 minutes will be on me.

Some advice for my callers: There is no need for you to lie to me. Honestly, it gets pretty awkward if you lie, because I can see it, but I do not want to make you even more uncomfortable by bringing attention to it. Just remember I am here to protect you and to guide you, not to judge you.

Also, if I am not online, please email me. I will try to be available to fit your schedule.
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