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TODAY'S SPECIAL RATE: Be at peace. Listen to what my guides have to say. Only then can you hear the advice you seek. If questions are about a love, career, family, I answer quickly, honestly and clear your uncertainty.
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I have been mentored by one of the top phychics in the world on how to do a proper reading. She saw in me very early on that I possessed a true gift. I never suggested to her that I may be psychic, but she knew. I am now prepared to share that gift with those who are willing to listen to the insight I can provide. I will not sugar coat my impressions for you but I certainly will not dictate to you. I will listen. The choice is yours. If you have had a reading with another reader, I will not confirm or deny their reading. If my impression is otherwise, it is because the impression is based on the here and now and not what happened at some other time. Circumstances, perceptions and feelings can change quite quickly at times.

I have always been psychic since my earliest cognitive thoughts.  I always managed to sense when something was not right with a family member or when something was about to happen of a serious nature.  As I grew older, I accepted this skill but had to keep my thoughts to myself, as unsolicited advise was worse than no advise at all. 

Later in life, I was able to tell when an employer was pleased with my work or if a situation was going poorly.  People can be awfully deceptive. My ability to be ahead of the curve always served me well in handling matters to optimum results.  I was always able to advise family members as to the events of their lives.  Whether they chose to listen was their prerogative. They presumed that I was perceptive and insightful but I knew it was far more and greater than that.

I would eventually come to know that my abilities fell into several types:  Clairaudience in that I can acquire information by auditory means, Claircognizance and Clairsentience by means of intrinsic knowledge and Clairvoyance by means of perception,

I have found that as I grew older, my gift increased in quality and specificity.  What was previously a general impression became more detailed when I was "reading" for someone.  I would ask that any information be kept private as I am not a fortune teller nor am I God.  I cannot change the outcome of things but can only "know" where matters are in the here and now and where they are projected to progress if left unimpeded and free.

I have advised a number of close friends and family members on how to maximize opportunities or whether someone was right for them, if I was asked.  My success rate is truly extraordinary yet I do not look at it as the success being "me" but rather the gift that was successful. It is Spirit. I am merely a conduit, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes people do not want to have the insight that I can provide and that is their right. If not asked, I would simply remain silent as those who do not want information will not inquire. Sometimes that is for the best as they are on their own journey. However, sometimes people need clarification and help understanding what the signals and information they are getting means. This is what I can offer a person.

Let me help you with my gift. I am skilled at relationships, employment and career issues. I will not judge your relationship as it is your choice to handle it as you see fit. I will not make career choices for you. You can make those decisions based on what I sense if you choose. I read for anyone and everyone so do not be hesitant to reach out.
Approach to Topics
I do not use any tools. All I ask is that you focus on the person or issue about which you want to inquire. Please be calm and focused. My impressions come quickly. I am gifted with Clairaudience in that I can acquire information by auditory means, Claircognizance and Clairsentience by means of intrinsic knowledge and Clairvoyance by means of perception. As soon as I get an impression I will clarify with you if it resonates true to make sure we are focused on the right individual or issue. The more information that is revealed, I will provide to you.
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