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Psychic Brenda Lynn
Psychic Brenda Lynn
10 minutes for $1.99
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ACCURATE. Being a multi-sensory hypersensitive Empath, Brenda gives you accurate, big picture details about your situations. She gives honest, integral, and down to earth readings. Love, career, life path, recovery and more.
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Being psychic since I can remember, I’ve been a seer, listener, and feeler all my life… there is no other way I know of being. I’ve been a “go-to” person all of my life and been reading professionally for almost a quarter of a century. The human condition fascinates me, and I draw from my own joyful and tragic life experiences. Since there have been plenty of experiences, there isn’t much I don’t personally relate to.

Thank you for visiting my page!
Tremendous Love and Peace to you!
Approach to Topics
Please bring me your main question and concerns. I will quickly tap in to the heart of the matter in your situations, wasting no time in revealing to you my psychic perspective and your answers. I always experience my readings as if I’m having a psychic conversation with an old friend. Psychically I work with you on all levels of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions. Together we will effect positive change to shape your future and create a life of joy, love, and inner peace.

Please Note:
***You have ALL the power and free will in your situations. I love working with you to align your willful human self to your higher self and life path, creating a unique and authentic life of joy.
***Unless you are an ongoing client I coach or read for regularly, please… no one minute calls. I generally tap in very quickly. However, giving a quality reading with high levels of accuracy requires at least five minutes for a question.
***Being new to Keen, I sure appreciate positive and helpful feedback after your time with me. THANK YOU!
***I will end a call immediately with an abusive caller.
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