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Tarot Readings by April
Tarot Readings by April
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10 minutes for $1.99
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Impress Your Friends! Intimidate Your Enemies!! Learn something fun with your extra time at home!!! Unlock your mind's own secrets with help from an expert. FIRST TWO LESSONS FREE! Celebrating 17 great years with Keen!
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Learn at home with an experienced professional tarot Instructor

Welcome to Tarot Tutoring with April Wagner! I am new to New England recently returned from Asia with my heart always in Chicagoland. Since 2005 Keen has given me the opportunity to do what I love wherever I find myself. Now that I’m a new mom, I’m grateful that Keen gives me the flexibility and support to spend most of my time with my family. ♌️

I have studied tarot, runes, astrology and more for 25 years and have read with thousands of people all over the world, but I especially love teaching others to divine for themselves. My favorite thing to talk about is the history of divination, its symbolism and how it answers questions that, practically speaking, it shouldn't be able to. I’ve published numerous tarot deck reviews and articles on divination, relationships and magic. In Chicago I taught a popular tarot course, held workshops and tutored private students. As part of my mission to turn the whole world on to the magic of tarot, I think Keen is the perfect platform to inspire more card lovers everywhere.*****

Read your first lesson below, and send a Keen mail to tarot Readings by April for your second free lesson! We will talk about the history and mystery of the cards and make those cards relatable to you. There will be no need to memorize keywords or reference the booklet. You will learn easy and fun techniques to get to know your deck and produce meaningful messages right away.

Easy pay-as-you-go emailed lessons allow you to discover at your own pace and restart your journey at any time. I am also available for chat support and to give objective critiques of your readings. After you’ve read the Tarot Introduction below, email me for your second lesson free which will include future topic descriptions and price list.

Books are great, but the best way to learn tarot is with a qualified teacher who can help you develop your own techniques and traditions. Personalized support will keep you motivated and excited to practice.

*****Search for April in Keen's Tarot and Astrology sections for thousands of 5 star reviews. Students and seekers consistently describe me as honest, warm, insightful and funny.
Approach to Topics
What is Tarot?
A tarot deck is a set of 78 cards bearing a striking resemblance to an average pack of playing cards. Not surprising as they grew up around the same time in the same place. Playing cards originated in China and traveled west via the Silk Road adding many local flavors along the way. The tarot as we know it came into it's own during the Italian Renaissance. Maybe not quite as old as you heard?. A tarot deck contains an extra suit of 22 cards called the trumps or Major Arcana, with extra special powers. Just kidding! These are archetypal images with extra special symbolic importance, and it's this fifth suit that makes it a Tarot. We'll talk much more about archetypes in later lessons. Not all cards are Tarot, and not everyone who reads cards is a Tarot reader. 

How does a Tarot reading work?
I think the best thing about tarot is its randomness. Asking a question puts that randomness in a frame that relates to your problem. Why does it work? You tell me! Really, there are a lot of different theories about divination and why it works with no consensus because all of the evidence that it does work is anecdotal. So before you talk to any kind of psychic reader you might ask yourself why you think that method works. If you believe that deities or angels or other supernaturals are sending the information through the cards, you might prefer a tarot reader who is also a medium. If you believe, like many of the influential secret societies, that tarot is encoded wisdom from our ancestors, you might choose a reader who is also well versed in astrology or Kabbalah. An open-minded skeptic might prefer a reader who touts the psychological benefits of tarot. There are as many ways to read tarot as there are tarot readers. We try everything once in this class, and you will be motivated to develop your own style.

What can a tarot reading tell me?
Over 25 years with divination has taught me that tools like astrology and tarot are too complex to expect a one word answer. They are designed for reflection, inspiration, exploration, and motivation.
Just a few problems tarot is great at solving:
~ Trouble moving on from a broken relationship?
~ Feeling unfulfilled or unappreciated at work?
~ Unable to make a decicion between two choices?
~ Tarot is a great addition to all kinds of magical work from spell crafting to dream interpretation.

What if I don't like what the cards say?
Forget 'em! More on how they're nothing but a pack of cards later. I'm not one to believe that the future can't be changed, which is why I prefer not to answer yes/no questions. Confusing and pessimistic readings are one of the leading reasons new tarot readers abandon their cards when sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right questions. A tarot reading is good but a tarot conversation is better! The best questions begin with How?, Why?, What?, and sometimes Who. When will always be tricky to answer as long as everybody has choices, but there are techniques we will cover in later lessons. Yes or no questions leave no room for growth and discovery. Do be honest with yourself, though. Don’t dismiss a reading because you have your heart set on a different but unfeasible outcome.

Can I read my own cards?
Absolutely! Don't listen to those who tell you psychic talent must be passed through genes. Anyone with a little creativity, intellectual curiosity and patience can learn to read tarot cards. The best way to learn tarot is not through books but with a qualified teacher, someone who can keep you on task and answer the millions of questions as they come up. You can start today! Email me now for your second free tarot lesson. I will tell you the true and intriguing history of tarot, and start you with proven exercises to get you thinking like a tarot reader. I would be honored to help you start your own Fool's Journey and thankful to Keen for giving us a place to meet.

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