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Often our dreams are not what they appear to be and may follow us until we see the inner meaning or the actions they suggest. Active dreams and dreaming liberate your intelligence and bring you to hidden love_and more.
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Exclusive to Keen: Exclusive readings..Exclusive connections.

As the child i was not exposed to metaphysical concepts until later. I held many conversations with adults who were astonished by those early readings but i did not take them seriously. Later things began to unfold rapidly. I was then exposed to various forms of "yogic discipline". This was used to move forward in the arts and fine art and created a network of wholistic associations across a very wide spectrum including engineers, attorneys, teachers, artists of many kinds, entertainers, students, mothers from just about every walk of life and country. This eventually led to my first official readings which were of a business nature only to see more clearly that business and love are never truly separated. My study of various disciplines increased and brought me to the immediacy of the Internet. With one decade of very successful Internet experience and the everyday experience combined I have become your psychic reader where no question is too small or too large. Sometimes your very smallest questions are key to those true others.
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When you need the big picture_ on any day.... and remarkably clear and precise for authentic questions.

Exclusive to Keen: Exclusive readings..Exclusive connections.


The psychic gift is the gift that penetrates the confusion often created by others around you and returns to you your true success in the years ahead.

THE HOLIDAYS ARE NOT SIMPLY HOLIDAYS_ they are the time of revelation at many levels: most of the year other distractions come into play but the holidays reveal your true next steps___ sometimes a broken heart is the doorway to the true love that you have been avoiding for years__ the connection without further tears.

Today is truly most important but the years ahead are what can be uncertain or misunderstood. My gift is the gift of the advanced listener hearing not just what is presented but also the intentions or fears of those around you. With or without tools you receive a more clear indication of events, intentions and also opportunities of career and financial success. This certainly includes those already making choices for business and the next romantic step.

Often it is very helpful to discover those affirmations sometimes brought to you in dreams. Today is the first day: most urgent for the unfolding of your deeper love and success in love, as love, of love. The limitations or barriers that might appear impossible often fall away more easily when you have the correct energy of accurate and more honest insights. The urgent reading of today is of your best vision in the years ahead: no matter your situation of today. 

There is an abundance of love as the flame of love beneath the smoke of various deceptions or negativity_ clear vision is what I bring to you. 7 days a week. A dedicated service for you.
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