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Johnna Duke
Johnna Duke
Advice From the Heart: Comfort, Direction & Peace
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Are you lost in life without a compass? Stuck at a crossroad, confused on where to go? Let Johnna be your guiding light. I am a voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on, and a confidant when there is no one else you can trust.
Johnna has been helping people shine for 25 years. Johnna will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear to help you create a lasting relationship, a prosperous future and to reach your true potential. A loyal friend, a trusted confidant and a successful business woman. Johnna can help YOU have it all. Experienced in non-profit work, accounting, small business and nurturing healthy relationships. There is never anything to be embarrassed about, Johnna has heard it all. Johnna is non judgmental. A true friend, a proven ally and someone who you can trust. Kind hearted, loving and trustworthy, I will never abandon you or judge you. Johnna is dedicated to helping people live healthy and happy lives. An effective communicator, if you feel that you are not being heard - Johnna can help you find your voice. From life coaching to secret keeper, I am experienced in giving advice, clearing through the clutter and active listening. Sometimes you just need to be heard. Johnna can help you heal those emotional scars.
Approach to Topics
Let’s determine WHY things are happening in your life. You don’t have to go it alone. Johnna can help navigate you through the chaos of life and help put you back in the right direction. Let’s get the results you desire. Johnna can provide you comfort and a sense of peace. Let me guide you to your best decisions.

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? I can help you break free from that negative cycle. Many people call me in times of crisis, or in a very emotional state. When this happens, I will be here for you, give you a rational perspective. I can help you to turn your relationships around, or let them go and break free from the ties that have held you in unhappiness for so long. You can count on Johnna to be there for you!

Are you stuck in your career? Why stumble up the corporate ladder when I can help you confidently climb to your destiny? Need help with those water cooler conflicts? Is there a co-worker you just can’t get resolution with? I can help you take control of the situation to have a harmonious work life that attracts prosperity .

Are your children driving you crazy? When your house feels more like a zoo rather than a home, take some advice from an experienced mother. Sometimes it is just easier to talk to someone who has been there. Johnna has raised three successful children, all very different, she knows there is no one path to parenting success.

When you need a friend, Johnna is there to help you see WHY things are happening I can help you clear away the fog. There are some things you just can not talk to your friends about. Johnna is the person to turn to.

When the world seems against you, let me be on your side.

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