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A blessing is just a way for us to ask for specific spiritual help or attention. Spirit won't give us something we shouldn't have or change what is meant to be.
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I was born into a family that has many paranormal gifts. My grandfather was a medicine man for the Caddo Nation. A medicine man told me in 1992 that I am his spirit reborn as I know how to do many of the ancient ceremonies in the ancient way. I don't have a teacher, everything I know about spirit was already within me. Spirit does teach me, or reminds me in the dream time what I need to know or remember. I have been on MTV's Fantasy Factory and BIO Channels TV Series Cursed. A Shaman should be a blessing in their community, as always my goal is to be of service.
Approach to Topics
I have found that being specific in what you ask for in your blessing is best. Asking for a blessing to come in a time frame and being specific about what it is you want to happen and how. I would like to be blessed with financial abundance of $5000 to come in 7 days in a good and gentle way. Don't want your favorite uncle to die to get you that money. The wrong way, I ask that the woman of my dreams come and love me. Its not specific enough, how long do you want her to stay and love you, one night, one year, your lifetime? Dreams is plural, could mean three or 10 women show up within weeks of each other, not good. Call me today and lets work on a blessing together. Spirit can't give you everything you want but it doesn't hurt to find out what it can do.
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