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Leo Horoscope

Leo 2014 Yearly Horoscope

Solitary pursuits can provide tremendous pleasure between January 1st and July 15th, thanks to upbeat Jupiter's tour of your Spirituality Sector. Spend as much time as possible reading, writing and communing with nature. Material matters probably won't seem very important during this phase. You might value peace and quiet much more than expensive luxury goods. On July 16th, Jupiter enters your Image Sector, which may boost your energy and enthusiasm. Your positive energy will open new doors in virtually every realm. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it during the last five months of 2014. This would also be a great period to launch a dramatic makeover. A new hairstyle, fashionable wardrobe or cosmetic procedure could greatly enhance your natural star power. Go ahead and splurge on your appearance. You may be very pleased with the results.

Serious Saturn will be traveling through your Domestic Sector throughout the entire year. Family responsibilities could be particularly heavy this year. Caring for an elderly relative or special needs child could weigh on your heart. Be kind to yourself. Nurturers do the best job when they treat themselves well. Massage can be therapeutic, as can writing in a journal. Because you are ruled by the creative Sun, art projects can also bring relief. Restoring antique furniture may be especially fulfilling. On October 23rd, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your Domestic Sector, marking a new beginning over the coming months. Moving to a beautiful new house, adding a member to your household and mending a troubled family relationship are among the possibilities.

Love and Romance

Your love life should be pretty enjoyable throughout 2014, with no startling highs or lows. On January 30th, the New Moon will fall in your Relationship Sector. News of an engagement, marriage or commitment ceremony could reach your ears on this fateful day. If you want to take a promising romance a step further, this would be a great day to do so. Do you already have a partner? Schedule a relaxing vacation for the two of you near August 10th, when the Full Moon rises in your Relationship Sector. This is an ideal time to reconnect and renew your commitment to one another.

If you're single, your best bet for meeting someone new falls between November 16th and December 10th. That's when seductive Venus tours your Romance Sector. You could meet someone special while walking your dog, attending a game or playing a sport. Keep your eyes open for someone with great legs. On December 4th, alluring Venus forms a trine to expansive Jupiter, prompting you to attract plenty of romantic attention. In the event you've been spending time with someone special, don't be surprised when your romantic interest gives you an early Holiday gift. A sparkling piece of jewelry could further enhance your star power. A casual affair could deepen into a commitment around December 23rd, when serious Saturn moves into your Romance Sector. You may decide to cohabitate with your love interest or become engaged. If it looks like this relationship isn't going anywhere, go your separate ways and embrace your single status.

Career and Money

Deceptive Neptune continues its tour of your Joint Finances Sector throughout 2014. It's important to keep an eye on your retirement and savings accounts, as well as any investment portfolios. If you don't know how to read these statements, then take a money management class. Being able to protect your financial interests is critical at this time. If you have a business or romantic partner, the two of you need to formulate a long-term financial strategy. Enlisting the aid of a financial counselor may be extremely beneficial. It's hard to discuss money without emotion getting in the way. Having a neutral third party on the scene will allow you to make some good decisions about shared resources, without damaging your relationship.

On April 28th, a Solar Eclipse will electrify your Career Sector. Don't be surprised if an important executive suddenly steps down. You might be just the person to take their place. Alternately, a new job could be created that seems tailor made for you. It's even possible that you will be lured away from your present company to work for a new employer. Whatever changes occur, it looks as though you could occupy a far more prominent position than you did in the past. There seems to be a glamorous aspect to this position. Jobs involving film, fashion and photography are all favored. Alternately, you might decide to work for a nonprofit organization. Raising money for a good cause will boost your professional and personal reputation in the community.