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  • An Irreplaceable Gift to Mothers

    by Keen Psychic: Maharani Rutan

    This weekend, we will once again celebrate Mother’s Day. Next to Valentine’s Day, this is the biggest holiday for florists, jewelers, and greeting card … more

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  • Silver Aura Meaning & Personality

    The silver aura is known as the aura of the gifted and, due to this, it is often one of the most treasured auras on the spectrum. Silvers tend to have outstanding physical qualities that propel … more

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  • Be Inspired to Bloom this Spring!

    by Keen Psychic: Wise Spirit

    Winter. How do you portray her without sounding like a sad childhood lullaby? The whites of her eyes are as frigid as the night wind, whispering among the barren trees. … more

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  • Goodbye Caterpillar, Hello Butterfly!

    by Keen Psychic: The SoulTrekker

     You are like a beautiful butterfly sitting out on the edge of its cocoon, feeling unsure of itself and terrified to fly. The anticipation you feel now is … more

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  • How to Face Your Fears

    by Keen Psychic Advisor: PsychicPat

     “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” - John F. Kennedy

    Spring is the … more

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  • Embrace the Challenge of Change

    by Keen Psychic Advisor: Psychic Jedi

    Spring has arrived with warmth and kindness, it touches us deep within our core. We cannot help but be touched by the cycles of nature. We are one with this … more

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  • Keep Faith in Yourself

    by Keen Psychic: NewBeginnings31

    Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and reminds us to embrace change and move forward. Take this time to reflect on the beauty of life that surrounds you. … more

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  • Rites of Spring

    by Keen Psychic: Nathara

    Springtime is an important celebration in the Northern hemisphere - the freezing weather is coming to an end, we can begin planting our gardens and crops, the days become … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Waking Up Your Ambition

    by Keen Psychic: Modern Sibyl

    Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. A time to emotionally and energetically clear the cobwebs. There is absolutely no better time to bring our dreams to … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Seeds of Growth

    by Keen Psychic: Minkadove

    Winter is starting to fade. The time to plant seeds is upon us, a time to set your intention. What seeds do you want to plant ? As Spring arrives, the seeds will bloom … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • It's Your Time to Bloom!

    by Keen Psychic: Lady Astra

    Change starts with this moment in time. Your spiritual growth into a self-confident person begins with the ability to allow and accept change. This leads to confidence … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • How to Stay Rooted and Start Thriving

    by Keen Psychic: Francine Rose

    Imagine you are a tiny seed in the comforting soil of Gaia, ready to burst to life. Roots sprouting in every direction ensure you will not be unearthed by exterior … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Visualize Your Own Rebirth

    by Keen Psychic: Dream Lily Rose

    As the winter chills fade away, flowers bloom and the Spring heralds the transformative energy of rebirth and creation. This is a wonderful time to remember we are … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Out With The Old, In With The New

    by Keen Psychic: Dianne Evangelista

    Our wonderful world comes to life every spring with the birth of color and rejuvenation. It's a time for renewal and new beginnings. Not just for Mother Nature, … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

    by Keen Psychic: Desiree93

    What if I told you that you really could have the life you want, the one you've been dreaming of but has thus far eluded you? What if I informed you that what has shown … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Align With Your Inner Being

    by Keen Psychic: Citrine Angel

    An energetic build up has accumulated over the last few years, in what Carl Jung defined as the Collective Unconsciousness. This is a mass of energy that has been … more

    Keen Category: Psychic Advice

  • Spring Into Action

    by Keen Psychic: Ciro Circe

    We all think of Spring as being fragrant and beautiful and filled with color. But the planning begins long before spring.   

    The garden is a metaphor for … more

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