Daily Horoscope for Libra at KEEN
Sunday, February 14, 2016
You want company, but people are focused on their responsibilities. So, make your own fun. Simple creative acts bring a lot of satisfaction.
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About Libra
With an airy or indecisive nature, you're represented by a scale in the zodiac. Life and partnership tend to hang in a delicate balance, but you're driven by a desire to learn the limits. Often, you find those edges by provoking a reaction. Once you identify your own rules and others' limits, your romantic quest is to choose the best possibility love offers. The more you learn about yourself, the more you understand your attraction to a certain type of partner. Your personal astrologer can see beyond your current situation and understand you as an individual. With greater self-knowledge, your soulmate questions often answer themselves.
Facts About Libra
Dates: September 23 � October 22
Symbol: Scales
Element Energy: Exhaling (Cardinal Air)
Sociability Scale: Mild Extrovert
Optimist Scale: Mild Optimist
Best Day of the Week: Wednesday
Key Area of Your Body: Kidneys
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: The Horse
Ruling Planet: Venus
Friends Who Keep Your Secrets: Scorpio, Taurus
Romance Month: February
Karmic Love Partner: Aries
Zodiac Birthstone: Opal
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