Daily Horoscope for Taurus at KEEN
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Today, dreams seem more real than usual, and love is transcendent. You're in touch now with the divine! Enjoy this spiritual feeling.
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About Taurus
In the game of love, Taurus plays to win the most coveted prize: a soulmate. Since a brokenhearted bull takes a long time to heal, you can be tentative when approaching romance. With a reputation for stubbornness, you prefer to see yourself as consistent and reliable. A taste for the finer things drives you to compete to be the best in everything. Your astrologer knows what makes you unique and will guide you in successful plays in life, work and romance.
Facts About Taurus
Dates: April 20 � May 20
Symbol: Bull
Element Energy: The Stone (Fixed Earth)
Sociability Scale: Deep Introvert
Optimist Scale: Mild Optimist
Best Day of the Week: Wednesday
Key Area of Your Body: Throat
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: The Ox
Ruling Planet: Venus
Friends Who Keep Your Secrets: Gemini, Sagittarius
Romance Month: September
Karmic Love Partner: Scorpio
Zodiac Birthstone: Emerald
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