Daily Horoscope for Leo at KEEN
Saturday, February 06, 2016
Show people how dedicated you are today. Hard effort yields solid results. You'll have something to show for yourself at the end of the day.
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About Leo
All eyes turn to Leo! A natural born leader, you learn early to enjoy the attention that comes your way. Criticism deeply wounds you and the thought of it may cause you to avoid owning your mistakes. In love, an adoring partner might tire of one-way conversations, so learn to be attentive. The Lion who listens to a lover is the happiest beast in the jungle. Your astrologer will help you harness your power and encourage you to move toward the best romance possibilities that await you.
Facts About Leo
Dates: July 23 � August 22
Symbol: Lion
Element Energy: The Bonfire (Fixed Fire)
Sociability Scale: Extreme Extrovert
Optimist Scale: Extreme Optimist
Best Day of the Week: Sunday
Key Area of Your Body: The Heart
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: The Dragon
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Friends Who Keep Your Secrets: Virgo, Pisces
Romance Month: December
Karmic Love Partner: Aquarius
Zodiac Birthstone: Peridot
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