Sales Pitch  

What is my Sales Pitch?
Your Sales Pitch is a vivid, one-sentence description of your listing that captures the essence of the advice and information you have to offer.

When will new customers see my Sales Pitch?
New customers will see your Sales Pitch when they come to Keen through our promotional efforts and the links on our partner sites. We have created special pages -- the first that visitors see -- highlighting advisors� listings and explaining how Keen works. Each listing included on these pages will have the advisor�s picture, rating, call-now button and Sales Pitch. You must have a Sales Pitch in order to be featured on these pages.

Do I have to write a Sales Pitch?
Yes. You won't be able to finish creating your listing until you've written a Sales Pitch.

Can I change my Sales Pitch after I create it?
Sure -- you can change and improve your Sales Pitch at any time.


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