Email Readings

Email Readings by Keen is a program offered by Keen for consumers to get personalized email readings from advisors on Keen. To participate in the Email Reading by Keen program, advisors agree to provide readings by email that meet the following guidelines:
  • Price will be $19.95 or less.
  • Answer at least 1 question from the customer.
  • At least 250 words per email.
  • Deliver email reading within 2 days of receiving customer's email request.
Each advisor will set their own "email reading offering" within these Keen guidelines. For instance, an advisor may offer "2 questions answered (500+ words) for $15.99" or "1 question (250+words) for $9.99".
Please carefully read the individual advisor listings to understand the specifics of their email reading offering, specials or promotions and customer instructions to get the best email reading possible.
How do I choose an advisor to best answer my question(s)?
As part of choosing an advisor, you may want to consider the following:
  • reviews and ratings from customers
  • the advisor's specializations on topics relevant to your question(s)
  • price per email reading
  • maximum and/or minimum words per email reading
  • types of questions answered
This information should all be included in the advisor listing. Advisors on Keen may use a variety of techniques to provide your reading including tarot, astrology, and psychic intuition.
What type of question should I ask?
Ask about a subject that is of interest to you! What question do you most need answered? Is it about a relationship you're seeking or one you're in? A friend or family member? Your career or other decisions in your life? Your email reading is 100% about you!
Your email reading will be composed by a live psychic – the one you chose! The response from your psychic will be personalized for you and your question(s) so be as specific and detailed as possible to get the most from your email reading.
Read the psychics listings carefully so you can provide any information that they need from you (e.g.. birth date and time of birth) in order to give you the best quality email reading.
You can learn more about the different types of topics that are of interest to customers in these below articles:
Please keep in mind that the Keen service is for entertainment purposes only! Have fun!
How do I get an email reading?
To get your email reading, you'll first submit your questions by following these 3 easy steps.
After you submit your question via Keen Mail, there are just a couple more steps to make payment and receive your email reading:
  • Your advisor will respond to your request for an email reading via Keen Mail within 1 day to request payment and possibly to request more information for your reading. Follow the instructions in the email to pay for your email reading.
  • Once your advisor receives payment, they will send you your email reading within 1 day via Keen email.
You can check your Keen Mail by logging into your Keen My Account page. You can also set your account to have Keen Mail forwarded to your external email address (e.g. [email protected],, etc.). In order to forward your Keen Mail to an external address, you must have entered the email address on your profile and selected one of the options for email forwarding. You can enter your email address and set your options through you're My Account page on Keen.
What if I am not a member of Keen, can I still receive an email reading?
Yes, of course. We love new members! Receiving an email reading is a great way to get your questions answered and have a written record so you can refer back to it often.
New members will have to register for Keen as described in step 2 above.
What if I'm not satisfied with my email reading?
We want every email reading you purchase on Keen to be a satisfactory experience. If it isn't, we'll credit your Member account for the amount of the email reading, up to $19.95.
To receive a refund, we ask that you do the following:
  • Leave detailed, written feedback on the Member's feedback page describing why the email reading was unsatisfactory.
  • Give the Member a one-star feedback rating.
  • Fill out and submit our Customer Support form within seventy-two (72) hours of the received email reading for which you'd like to be credited. Please include the email reading's date and amount. Also, include detailed information on why the email reading was unsatisfactory.
We will review your claim and reserve the right to credit your Member account, either partially or in full, for the transaction. We reserve the right to refuse a refund. For us to credit your Member account, you must have a valid payment method on your Keen account.
What else?
In addition to email readings, advisors on Keen also offer readings by phone. If you're interested, you can easily call your advisor to discuss your email reading (learn more about phone readings). Check your advisors other listings for information about their phone readings. You can also select another advisor for a phone or email reading.
Enjoy your reading!