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Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius 2015 Yearly Horoscope

Happy 2015, Aquarius! The year ahead invites you to build the life you truly want. Your ruling planet, Uranus, will continue its journey through your Learning Sector. Continuing to acquire cutting-edge skills and specialized knowledge may be empowering. Turn a deaf ear to cautious types who think you should be pursuing a more conventional line of work. A Solar Eclipse on March 20th may result in an exciting job offer. Be ready to accept this position as soon as possible, as it may not be available for long.

Although you're very independent, you may decide to embark on a passionate romance with someone special. That's because benevolent Jupiter will be moving through your Relationship Spector from January 1st and August 11th. Giving your heart to someone who is warm, giving and glamorous may be a very wise move. If you already have a partner, the two of you may feel like you've embarked on a second honeymoon together. As far as you're concerned, two heads are better than one this year.

As far as your social life is concerned, you should be as selective as possible when making friends. Serious Saturn will be moving through your Social Sector first from January and mid-June, and then again between mid-September and the end of the year. Associating with underhanded, manipulative types could backfire spectacularly. Hold out for loved ones who are accomplished, loyal and ambitious. Friends may help you reach incredible heights this year. Do not hesitate to ask them for help.

Love and Romance

2015 could be one of the most romantic years in recent memory. That's because benevolent Jupiter will be moving through your Relationship and Intimacy Sectors this year. Between January 1st and August 11th, Jupiter will be touring your partnership sector. Under this influence, your natural reserve could melt. It may be easier than usual to let down your defenses with someone who is warm, generous and glamorous. Are you already in a relationship? You could have a wonderful opportunity to help your partner realize a cherished dream. Becoming the sole breadwinner could allow your mate to earn an advanced degree, pursue their desired career or become the primary caretaker for a child. This arrangement could be beneficial for you both.

On August 11th, Jupiter will change sign. Tuning into your passionate side may be a revelation. Becoming more giving and caring will enhance your love life. Take your cues from a friend who has no problem sharing their resources with other worthy people. You may realize that you're not as self-sufficient as you once thought. That's a good thing, Aquarius. Learning to pool your emotional and financial resources will make you a better romantic partner, friend and colleague.

A Solar Eclipse on September 12th could mark an exciting breakthrough in your love life. Overcoming your inhibitions, embracing your desires and becoming more passionate can pay off handsomely. The prospect of being half of a couple won't be nearly as frightening as it once was. Embrace the love and affection that is rightfully yours.

Career and Money

Idealistic Neptune continues its tour through your Income Sector throughout 2015. That's a very good thing, as you need a job that feels more like a calling than a means to pay the bills. Continue to follow your impulses regarding work. Pessimists will urge you to pursue a more practical line of work, but you shouldn't listen to their warnings. A Solar Eclipse on March 20th could attract an exceptional moneymaking opportunity. Accept this offer as soon as it is made or a rival could snatch it away.

Your career may get another big boost from ambitious Saturn between June 15th and September 17th. Take this opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Whether it's pursuing a high-profile position, getting expert training or launching your own business, you could reach heights you never dreamed possible. This is a rare influence that shouldn't be taken lightly. By pushing yourself harder than usual, it may be possible to land your dream job.

Money could come through an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund after August 11th. That's when benevolent Jupiter will move into your Shared Resources Sector. Money could arrive quite suddenly near September 12th, when a Solar Eclipse will electrify this sector of your horoscope. Having a little more money for luxuries will help you breathe easier. This financially flush period won't last forever, though. It would be wise to put a big chunk of this windfall into an interest-bearing account. This financial cushion can give you an added measure of freedom that is in keeping with your independent spirit.