Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn 2015 Yearly Horoscope

Transformational Pluto continues its tour of your Image Sector. Becoming happier and healthier could be your primary focus in 2015. Whether this means getting a makeover, embarking on a fitness regimen or entering a different professional field is immaterial. The important thing is to embrace a new way of life that resonates with your inner spirit. Cast off any relationships and arrangements that no longer bring contentment.

It could also be easier to save money and establish long-term financial security. Open a retirement, savings or college fund any time between January 1st and August 11th. That's when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will travel through your Unearned Income Sector. If you have a choice between taking a flat salary and earning a commission during this period, pick the latter. This is also a good time to negotiate a profit-sharing agreement. Starting on August 11th, you'll be able to earn an advanced degree. Going on an overseas trip is also a strong possibility, thanks to Jupiter's entry to your Intellectual Expansion Sector.

Saturn, your ruling planet, will be touring your Privacy Sector for most of the year. Retreating to a quiet hideaway will recharge your spiritual batteries. Having time for solitary pursuits will be an increasing priority. Don't hesitate to go on vacation by yourself. Family life can put your nerves on edge, due to disruptive Uranus moving through your Domestic Sector. It might be necessary to suddenly relocate around September 27th, when a Lunar Eclipse shakes up your home life.

Love and Romance

A passionate love affair could burst into flower between January 1st and August 11th. That's when expansive Jupiter will be touring your Intimacy Sector. If you're single, you could meet someone special at an educational, religious or cultural organization. It will be difficult to resist the charm of someone who exudes star power. Are you already in a relationship? You and your partner may experience a new level of closeness. Come together to realize a mutual dream. Taking an extended trip or starting a business together may strengthen your bond.

Have you been harboring a crush? You may be tempted to reveal your feelings on or around March 20th. That's when a Solar Eclipse will trigger heartfelt expressions of love. A passionate letter could pave the way for an exciting relationship. This is also a good time to honor a committed partner with a lavish present. Choose something that will resonate with your mate's personal style. A thoughtful friend can provide some gift suggestions.

If you want to get engaged or married, set your sights on the period between March 17th and April 10th. That's when romantic Venus will be moving through your Romance Sector. The period between May 7th and June 5th could also be heart-warming. Take this opportunity to go on a relaxing vacation or make plans to expand your family. If a relationship has been experiencing a great deal of strain, this will be the ideal time to mend it. Getting counselling and spending more quality time together are among the possibilities.

Career and Money

A Lunar Eclipse on April 4th could mark a turning point in your career. It may be necessary to leave a dead-end job for a position with more promise. Don't let a stubborn attitude get in the way of your own success. Be open to recent market trends. If your current industry is drying up, acquire some cutting-edge skills. Use your extensive knowledge and experience to make headway in a different industry. Taking time off work to get an advanced degree is another possibility, particularly during the last five months of the year.

If your family's needs change, you might have to leave your job to attend to an ailing relative. Uranus's tour of your Domestic Sector could force you to shift your attention from your professional to your personal life. This could be a healthy transition. The more nuanced your life, the happier you will be. There is more to you than your job title. Allow 2015 to be a time of readjustment for you. Resisting the trend can cause unnecessary pain and anxiety.

The best time of the year for career advancement will fall on November 12th onwards. That's when dynamic Mars will be touring your Career Sector. Take this opportunity to fill out applications, send out résumés and compile references. Having a portfolio of work samples is strongly advised. Practice your interviewing skills with someone who routinely hires staff. Their feedback may prove invaluable. Careful preparation may be the secret to your career success in 2015.