Leo Horoscope

Leo 2016 Yearly Horoscope

2016 could be a tremendously lucrative year for you. That's because benevolent Jupiter will be touring your Earned Income Sector between January 1st and September 9th. There's a strong possibility you will land a job with a big salary. Getting a raise is another possibility. Selling an invention, book or song are other possibilities. A creative person like you, Leo, has tremendous potential for becoming wealthy through the fruits of your labor. By giving your talent the time and attention it deserves, you can emerge from this year with a much bigger bank account.

Saturn, the planet of commitment, will be moving through your Creativity Sector throughout the year. Take this opportunity to develop your considerable artistic talent. Studying with a respected teacher could take your talent to a whole new level. A romantic relationship could also become quite serious. If you've been dating someone special, you could get engaged or married. Are you already in a committed relationship? You might be asked to make a personal sacrifice for the sake your partner.

A Lunar Eclipse on August 18th could mark an interesting turning point in a close relationship. That's when your best friend, romantic partner or business associate could get a sudden opportunity to study abroad. This will require you both to make some changes to your relationship, but this shift will be beneficial if you keep fear and jealousy at bay. Encourage your nearest and dearest to take chances and realize their potential. You may be repaid tenfold.

Love and Romance

Love might be a serious business this year. That's because Saturn, the planet of responsibility, is touring your Romance Sector. If you're playing the field, you could suddenly meet someone who prompts you to make a serious commitment. Keep a close eye on the days surrounding March 8th, when a Solar Eclipse falls in your Intimacy Sector. Instead of seeking a casual partner for fun, you might decide to devote your heart, mind and soul to someone who captivates your imagination.

If you already have a partner, you may have to make a personal sacrifice for the sake of your relationship. It's possible you'll become the sole breadwinner while your beloved devotes their time to raising a child, getting a degree or recovering from an illness. Try not to be resentful of this shift. By rising to the occasion with kindness and compassion, your relationship could become better than ever.

A Lunar Eclipse on August 18th falls in your Partnership Sector. If your union has been unhappy, the two of you could decide to part ways. This separation could be amicable and swift, allowing both parties to breathe a sigh of relief. Alternately, you and your mate may decide to overhaul your relationship so it is more spontaneous. Going on an impromptu trip could be in the cards between September 10th and the end of the year, when adventurous Jupiter tours your Travel Sector.

If you want to get engaged or married, the days between October 17th and November 12th are ideal. That's when loving Venus will tour your Romance Sector.

Career and Money

2016 could be one of your best financial years ever. Expansive Jupiter will move through your Earned Income Sector between January 1st and September 9th, putting you in the path of a lucrative job. If you're happy with your current position, take this opportunity to ask for a raise. A Solar Eclipse on September 1st would be a perfect time to make this proposal. Be aware that with more money come more responsibilities.

You might be expected to become the sole breadwinner in your household this year. That's because Saturn, the planet of responsibility, will be travelling through your Romance Sector. Your partner may need time off to become the primary caretaker of a child. Alternately, he or she might need to take a leave of absence to recover from an illness. It's also possible they'll take time off work to develop a creative project. Picking up the slack will be a challenge, but being of assistance to your partner may draw you closer together.

Refinancing your home is a strong possibility around March 8th, when a powerful Solar Eclipse electrifies your Joint Financial Sector. This is also a good time to get a bank loan, scholarship or grant. If you want to get out of debt, aim for September 16th. That's when a Lunar Eclipse will mark an important turning point in your financial life. You might have to scrimp and save to pay all your bills, but the temporary sacrifice will be worth it.