Libra Horoscope

Libra 2016 Yearly Horoscope

Recently, you've been working behind the scenes quite diligently. Although you're a social butterfly by nature, you'll continue to maintain a low profile for the first eight months of the year. Your love of solitude can be attributed to Jupiter's tour of your Privacy Sector. Instead of rubbing elbows with a wide array of people, you'll spend as much time as possible in seclusion. It will be a wonderful time for spiritually uplifting pursuits. Developing creative projects, communing with nature and connecting with your higher power can be very rewarding from January through September.

Pay careful attention to the days surrounding March 23rd. That's when a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Image Sector. You may decide to abandon a lifestyle that no longer suits your needs. It's possible you'll abandon a stylish look for one that is simpler and easier to maintain. You might even change your name or present yourself as a different person from your past.

Once September 9th arrives, expansive Jupiter will move into your Sign, allowing you to make a dramatic entrance into the spotlight. People will be highly receptive to the new you. You'll become more outgoing and will resume your lively social life. It will be a great time to launch a business, go on auditions and play the dating game. This joyous trend will continue through next year so enjoy it!

Love and Romance

Spontaneous Uranus keeps moving through your Relationship Sector throughout 2016. Your love life might resemble a rollercoaster. Although you want the close companionship of a reliable partner, it may be necessary to spend extended periods apart. Your amour might travel for business or be called away on a family matter. Fortunately, you can keep in touch via Skype, e-mail and FaceTime. Upgrading your smartphone and computer will keep you connected.

If you're single, you may be drawn to someone who seems to be your complete opposite. While you're gracious, diplomatic and traditional, your partner could be brash, direct and rebellious. This combination of energies will be positively electric. If you're dating, you could get engaged on or around August 18th. That's when a Lunar Eclipse marks an important turning point in your love life. Getting married between December 7th and December 31st is extremely favored, since that's when loving Venus will be touring your Romance Sector.

Because Pluto, the sign of transformation, is still making its way through your Domestic Sector, you could see some dramatic changes to your home life. You and your partner could combine households or your family could relocate to another town. It's possible your home will undergo extensive renovations, requiring you to live with a relative while the work is being performed. Make sure to give this family member a lovely token of your appreciation.

Career and Money

Your job prospects are very strong, particularly in the creative field. Two eclipses will occur in your work sector. The first will be on March 8th, when a Solar Eclipse could attract an extraordinary job offer involving the arts. There's a strong possibility this position will provide lots of emotional fulfillment. On September 16th, a Lunar Eclipse could mark an end to this assignment. Never fear; the connections you will have made from this job will open new doors. You'll get an extra dose of help from idealistic Neptune, which continues to travel through your Work Sector. Someone who is sympathetic to your situation could offer you employment just when you need it most.

If you've been struggling with a toxic work environment, see if you can forge an agreement to telecommute. Transformative Pluto's continued tour of your Domestic Sector suggests your boss may be open to this possibility. Alternatively, you might decide to launch your own enterprise, which will allow you to work from home. Escaping office politics could make you feel much better. It will be a relief to escape the tyranny of contentious colleagues.

Your best prospects for climbing the ladder to success will be from June 17th through July 11th. That's when Venus, your ruling planet, will tour your Career Sector. If you've been thinking of launching a business or applying for a promotion, act during this beneficial period.