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Libra Horoscope

Libra 2015 Yearly Horoscope

You may feel compelled to change your image on or around April 4th, when a Lunar Eclipse falls in your Appearance Sector. You may decide you are being pigeon-holed, which is preventing you from finding the work and relationships you desire. Changing the way you dress, your job title or hairstyle may prompt people to treat you differently. The changes you implement may occur on a deeper level. You might draw healthier boundaries or cultivate your interpersonal skills. Do what it takes to improve your image.

Your social life may be lively between January and early August, when expansive Jupiter tours your Friendship Sector. Making the rounds of parties and reunions could be lots of fun. There's a good chance you will make at least one influential friend at a social gathering. After August 11th, you may adopt a lower profile. Spending time on solitary pursuits can be uplifting. Reading, meditating and communing with nature can create a profound sense of contentment that no amount of money or success could provide.

Taking up a serious course of study can dramatically improve your job prospects. That's because ambitious Saturn will be moving through your Intellectual Sector through the majority of 2015. Learning how to operate a software program or high-tech gadget could help you land a steady position with a good salary. Money could be tight between mid-March and mid-June, when Saturn slips into your Earned Income Sector. Practicing frugality during this brief interlude is strongly advised. Learning to live on less can help you appreciate intangible blessings more.

Love and Romance

Your love life continues to experience ups and downs, thanks to disruptive Uranus's tour through your Partnership Sector. Although you were first drawn to your mate's rebellious behavior, it may become a liability. You're tired of putting out all the fires they're continually setting. It may feel like you're in a continual loop of breaking up and making up. This dynamic has become exhausting. Instead of subjecting yourself to this ongoing drama, think about going solo. Although you love having a companion, there are worse things than being single.

The turning point in this union could occur on September 27th, due to a Lunar Eclipse. Putting an end to a toxic bond will give you more time for intellectual pursuits. Taking a class can prevent you from dwelling on your sadness. It will also strengthen your resolve to pursue your interests, regardless of your relationship status.

If you're single, it may be difficult to find someone special. Don't try to force the issue. Embrace your freedom instead. Family commitments can take up a great deal of your time, thanks to transformative Pluto's tour of your Domestic Sector. Big changes could occur on the home front. Finding a healthier living arrangement could be your first order of business. It may be necessary to live with a relative or roommate after breaking up with a romantic partner. Alternately, you may decide to move to a neighborhood that reflects some lifestyle changes. As far as love is concerned, 2015 could be an empowering time for you.

Career and Money

Money should be relatively stable throughout 2015. You may experience a bit of a drought during June and July when restrictive Saturn moves through your Earned Income Sector. Being frugal will be an interesting experiment for you. Although you love creature comforts and luxuries, you can take this opportunity to focus on intangible blessings. Friendships and spiritually uplifting activities can provide contentment that money can't buy.

If you're unemployed, your best bet for landing a prestigious job is near January 4th, when the Full Moon rises in your Career Sector. On March 20th, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your Daily Responsibility Sector. This could result in an exciting work assignment that draws on your creativity. This position may not be especially lucrative, but it will be emotionally rewarding. Eventually, this position may lead to bigger and better jobs. Don't be so quick to climb the ladder of success. Pause to enjoy this pleasant interlude. Savor the sensation of working with intelligent, creative people on meaningful assignments.

A moneymaking opportunity may become available in mid-November, when the New Moon enters your Earned Income Sector. You could land an assignment at a government agency, university or house of worship. Doing a good job on this project could pave the way for future jobs. This could be the beginning of a successful freelance career. Being a free agent may be more enjoyable than you expect. It will be a relief not having to compromise your vision all of the time. Assert your independence.