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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces July Horoscope


A trine between the charismatic Sun and Neptune, your ruling planet, could attract plenty of romantic attention on the 1st.

The Details

You should have no trouble attracting romantic attention on the 1st, when the charismatic Sun forms a trine to Neptune, your ruling planet. This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your creative work. Don't be afraid to negotiate a raise on the 2nd, when a sextile between Mercury and Uranus presents an unusual opportunity to make more money. Peer pressure could be strong on the 6th, when the wilful Sun opposes manipulative Pluto. Obey your principles at this confusing time.

A trine between Mars and Neptune on the 8th could prompt you to launch a successful creative project. Let your imagination run wild on this magical day. An admirer might also try to win your heart at this time. A source of income could suddenly dry up on the 12th, due to a square between the Sun and impetuous Uranus. Friends may not be able to help you find a job on the 15th, despite their best efforts. That's because both Mercury and Mars will form an opposition to oppressive Pluto on this discouraging day.

Fortunately, a loved one may help weather these storms in the days surrounding the 18th. That's when loving Venus will move through your Relationship Sector. Your prospects for finding satisfying work will be strong on the 22nd, when the empowering Sun moves into your Daily Work Sector. Explore opportunities related to entertainment industry. Jobs involving sports, gambling and childcare could also be worth exploring. There may be an element of fun involved with your next position.