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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces November Horoscope


Your employer may not appreciate your creative contributions on the 26th, when stern Saturn forms a square to Neptune, your ruling plant.

The Details

The 2nd could prove one of the most passionate days of the entire year, thanks to a conjunction between alluring Venus and dashing Mars. A friend may invite you on a relaxing trip on the 5th, due to a sextile between the playful Sun and therapeutic Pluto. Curious Mercury forms a trine to Neptune, your ruling planet, on the 6th. This will be a great time to teach or attend a class. More money for luxuries could become available on the 8th, when enriching Venus changes sign. The encouraging Sun forms a sextile to expansive Jupiter on the 10th, making it a good time to collaborate with a partner.

The chance to publish some written work could fall into your lap on the 11th, courtesy of the New Moon rising in perceptive Scorpio. You could be given a cash prize or award on the 13th, when appreciative Venus makes a sextile to professional Saturn. It may be easier to get your needs met on the 18th, when Neptune moves direct in your own sign.

It could be easier to get an audience with your boss near the 22nd, when the commanding Sun enters your Career Sector. A square between stern Saturn and compassionate Neptune will occur on the 26th, warning against asking for special favors at work. On the 29th, the Sun will make hard aspects to both Saturn and Neptune, possibly forcing you to make an important career decision. You might decide to leave a dead-end job for greener pastures.