Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces February Horoscope


The charismatic Sun moves into your sign on the 18th, boosting confidence and heightening allure.

The Details

Being able to work independently on the 3rd will impress an authority figure that is looking for a trustworthy ally. A friend into a romantic partner on the 5th, when you develop tender feelings for someone you've known for years. The 6th is ideal for planning a dream vacation, thanks to terrific deals on plane fares and hotel accommodations. On the same day, an unusual moneymaking opportunity may fall into your lap; you could get paid to blog about your trip. It would be wise to obey a friend's book, movie or music recommendation on the 7th, when you'll get some good advice.

The New Moon on the 8th will create an urge for privacy, but it could be difficult to find a relaxing retreat during this frenetic time. The 9th may herald good news from a business or romantic partner; go out and celebrate. Taking or teaching a class is a strong possibility on the 13th, when your intellect is stimulated.

On the 18th, the magnetic Sun moves into your sign, making it easier to command attention. Career talks are favored on the 25th, thanks to your heightened ambition. Negotiating a pay raise is strongly advised on the 26th, when you may find it easy to demand what you are worth. The 28th is perfect for showcasing creative work, going on an audition or performing before the public. Mixing business with pleasure could be successful on the 29th, when you can have the best of both worlds.