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Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius 2015 Yearly Horoscope

Happy 2015, Sagittarius. This year could be a time of tremendous achievement for you. That's because ambitious Saturn will be touring your own sign between January 1st and June 14th, and then again from September 17th through the end of the year. Assuming more responsibility at work could lead to a raise, promotion or both. Alternately, you may decide to launch your own business or move in to a more rewarding field. This is a rare opportunity to achieve your career ambitions, so don't squander it.

You may be traveling overseas for the first eight months of the year. That's when Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be moving through your Foreign Affairs Sector. Getting an advanced degree is also possible between January 1st and August 11th. After this intellectually stimulating phase, your career could be kicked into high gear. At that point, Jupiter will be touring your Career Sector, expanding your job opportunities and putting you before the public.

Fortunately, 2015 won't be all work and no play. Impulsive Uranus continues its journey through your Romance Sector. You could fall head over heels in love with a wild rebel. If you're already in a relationship, you and your partner could generate plenty of chemistry together. Your union will be anything but boring. A Lunar Eclipse on September 27th could prompt you to end an arrangement that no longer works for you. Getting engaged, married and starting a creative business together are among the possibilities. Continuing to grow and change will enhance your relationship.

Love and Romance

Impulsive Uranus continues moving through your Romance Sector throughout 2015. Your love life may resemble a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Hang on and have fun. If you're single, you could meet a wild rebel in an unexpected venue. Keep your eyes open for someone with fabulous hair or closely cropped locks. The two of you could feel an immediate attraction. You may feel an immediate physical attraction. Finding common ground in other areas may be more challenging, but you'll both have fun trying.

If you're already in a relationship, you and your partner may be in for an interesting year. The two of you may decide to take up an extreme sport together or take a trip to an unusual place. Roughing it in an undeveloped country could draw you closer together. It's also possible you will discover you will be having a child together. Although this news could be unexpected, it may be a tremendous source of joy. You and your mate will make unconventional but loving parents.

A Lunar Eclipse on September 27th will mark an interesting turning point in your love life. It's possible you'll break off a dead-end relationship for the single life. You and your partner could suddenly decide to elope. It's even possible that the two of you will abandon a secure lifestyle for one that is utterly unfamiliar. Moving to an unusual place will be an exciting adventure that draws the two of you closer together. Avoid convention like the plague.

Career and Money

Resourceful Pluto remains in your Income Sector throughout 2015. This continues to be a good time to add to your savings account and establish long-term security. When offered a choice between taking a flat salary and earning a commission, pick the latter. You'll easily be the top performer in your organization, thanks to Saturn's tour of your own sign. Your earning power will increase tremendously if you take a share of the profits.

Work may ease up between June 15th and September 17th, when Saturn changes sign. Use these precious months to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. Idealistic Neptune continues moving through your Domestic Sphere. Devote the lion's share of your attention to family matters. Having a rewarding personal life will give you the strength and courage for the professional challenges that will arrive during the final quarter of the year. A relaxing vacation will be an investment in your ultimate career success. Visiting an ancient city by the sea is strongly advised during this period of respite.

If you've ever wanted to launch your own business, 2015 is the ideal time to do so. A Solar Eclipse will fall in your Career Sector on September 12th. This could attract some start-up capital, favorable publicity or an exceptional deal on office space. If you've been longing to change industries, you may decide to take an exciting job in a different field. Ultimately, this could mark an exceptional opportunity for professional advancement. Taking a gamble could pay off handsomely.