Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius 2016 Yearly Horoscope

Sober Saturn will be moving through your Sign throughout 2016. Your naturally ebullient personality could be a bit subdued, thanks to additional responsibilities being imposed upon you. Instead of running from these challenges, rise above them. You'll gain the respect of both your peers and superiors by putting childish things away and assuming adult duties.

A series of eclipses throughout the year will invite you to move out of your comfort zone. A Solar Eclipse on March 8th could prompt you to relocate to an area that is much more suited to your lifestyle. If you don't own your place, you'll have a great opportunity to buy one. A generous relative or good bank loan can turn this dream into reality. On September 1st, a Solar Eclipse may trigger a career opportunity. Be aware this job will place great demands on your time. Although this position will be prestigious, it won't leave much opportunity for fun and games. Two weeks later, a Lunar Eclipse on September 16th could find you ending an emotional family matter that's draining your energy. Stand up for yourself.

Fortunately, expansive Jupiter will be helping you to achieve professional success. You should double your efforts at work between January 1st and September 9th. That's when you might reach heights you never dreamed possible. On September 9th, Jupiter will move into your Friendship Sector, giving you much needed support from your nearest and dearest.

Love and Romance

The road to love may not be smooth for you this year, but it will be exciting. Offbeat Uranus remains in your Romance Sector, drawing you to unconventional relationships. If you already have a partner, it's important to keep things spontaneous between you. Impromptu trips, surprise gifts and unexpected displays of affection are all recommended. It doesn't matter if you've been together for decades or a short while; acting on impulse will benefit your union.

If you're single and looking for love, stop going after the same type you've pursued in the past. Give a different kind of admirer a chance. You may hit it off with someone who seems terribly stuffy and conventional at first glance. Try to suspend your judgment and keep an open mind. In 2016, you could fall deeply in love with someone who is unlike anyone you've ever dated before.

Do you want to get engaged or married? Set the date any time between April 5th through the 29th. That's when loving Venus will visit your Romance Sector. The demands of work could make it difficult to devote much energy to love this year, so be prepared to walk a tightrope between your personal and professional lives. If you have a partner, make sure not to neglect him or her. You'll have less time for solitary pursuits, but that's better than letting a good relationship fall apart at the seams.

Career and Money

You could be delighted by your career progress in 2016, particularly during the first eight months of the year. That's when benevolent Jupiter will move through your Career Sector. Take this opportunity to find your dream job, land a promotion or start your own business. The sky is the limit, provided you are willing to work hard and make some personal sacrifices. Intellectually stimulating work involving publishing, travel, education or health is particularly favored.

A Solar Eclipse on September 1st could mark an important professional turning point. If you're offered an impressive job, grab it. Be aware this position will be extremely demanding. You may not have much time for personal or creative pursuits as you learn the ropes. It could take longer than you expect to become accustomed to your new role. Hang in there. Friends will be particularly supportive during the final four months of the year, when Jupiter tours your Social Sector. Lean on your nearest and dearest for practical and emotional help if your confidence falters.

You have the power to dramatically improve your financial situation this year. Transformative Pluto is still moving through your Earned Income Sector. If you make a plan, you could resolve all your debts, giving you financial freedom. Being able to keep all your income will allow you to travel freely, live well and retire early. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to break free of credit card debt.