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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio 2015 Yearly Horoscope

2015 may be a year of prominence for you, Scorpio. Expansive Jupiter will be touring your Career Sector between January and August 11th, putting you in the spotlight at work. If you're tired of your current industry, this would be a great time to break into a different line of work. Opportunities involving entertainment, luxury goods and gambling are especially favored. You may fare very well in a glamorous position when you're expected to deal with high-profile clients and expensive merchandise.

Serious Saturn will spend most of its time in your Earned Income Sector, making it a good time to tighten your financial belt. The economic pinch could ease between mid-June and mid-September. That's when Saturn will return to your Personality Sector. During these months, the lion's share of your burdens will be personal. You may be expected to take charge of a community group, make decisions for your family or serve the “go-to” person for problems at work. Fortunately, your managerial skills will serve you well during these intense few months. Don't be surprised if you're given a raise, bonus or promotion as thanks for all of your hard work.

Pluto, your ruling planet, will continue its tour of your Communication Sector throughout 2015. Say what you mean and mean what you day. Your words carry tremendous weight under this influence. Encourage friends, colleagues and relatives to pursue their dreams. Offer fair but firm feedback. Don't rain on anyone's parade. Work hard to celebrate other people's good fortune.

Love and Romance

Idealistic Neptune continues its journey through your Romance Sector. This is a wonderful year to fall in love, have a baby or embark on a second honeymoon. At times, people will accuse you of looking at life through rose-colored glasses. The irony is that your optimistic outlook actually attracts good fortune. Therefore, you have good reason to be cheerful, especially where your relationships are concerned.

Are you thinking of getting engaged? The days around March 20th would be especially auspicious to do so. That's when a pivotal Solar Eclipse will electrify your Romance Sector. Alternately, news of a pregnancy or marriage could reach your ears near this date. Do you want to get married? The two weeks following the New Moon on May 17th would be ideal for such a ceremony. May would also be a great month to take a romantic vacation with your committed partner, as affectionate Venus will be moving through your Travel Sector at this time. Visiting a beautiful ancient city by the sea may be especially enjoyable. Be sure to buy a gorgeous souvenir that will serve as a memento.

If you're single, your best time for attracting love will be during the month of December. That's when alluring Venus will be moving through your Sun Sign. You'll be especially irresistible during this magical period. Are you already in a relationship? You may notice your partner working extra hard to win your approval during the last month of 2015. Don't be surprised when you receive a beautiful gift during the holiday season.

Career and Money

Money could be tight for the majority of 2015, due to restrictive Saturn's rout of your Earned Income Sector. Finances may flow more easily between June 15th and September 17th, when Saturn slips back into your Sun Sign. Take this opportunity to sign new clients, ask for a raise, increase your rates or land a lucrative job. For the most part, you will be living on a budget. That's not an especially terrible prospect for you, because you're naturally resourceful.

Part of the problem may be sporadic jobs. Disruptive Uranus continues its tour of your Daily Work Sector. If you are a free agent, you may experience a feast-or-famine dynamic. Do you work on a commission basis? You could make a few really big sales, and then have extended dry periods between them. Whenever possible, you should put money into a savings account. This nest egg can sustain you through the leaner periods of 2015.

Despite all of this financial restraint, you could have remarkable career prospects between January and August 11th. That's because expansive Jupiter will be touring your Career Sector. Landing a prominent job is a distinct possibility. If you want to climb the ladder of success, set your sights on the first seven months of the year. Your prospects of landing a job in the entertainment, luxury goods or gambling arena may be very strong. The pay may not be fantastic at first, but once you get in the door, you may see a steady improvement in your finances.