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Fear of asking a question often holds people back from moving forward. All questions are worth asking. Let me help you find answers to your questions. You are important to me. World renowned 5 star reader.
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I have been empathic all my life. I have what is called Clairknowing, which means I just know. I am also Clairaudient (I hear voices), Clairsentient (I smell scent), and Clairvoyant(I see things). I am a retired Fire Fighter/EMT. I would often just stop what I was doing and go to the engine because I knew we were getting called to an emergency even before the alarms went off. My first experience being Clairvoyant was right after my Grandma had passed. I was going to miss a sport event I was suppose to be in because of her death. She showed up sitting on the end of my bed and told me to straighten up and she did not want me to miss my event. I didn't even know what to do with it then. Since that time I have learned a lot about my gifts and how to best use them to help other. I have also learned who my spirit guides are(Yes, I said guides and not guide because I have several guides), and how they connect with me to help me guide others. My phone is on at all hours of the day and night. When you have life questions, you want answers as soon as you can get them. When you need someone to talk to I am here, to listen and give advice. I believe in all walks of life. I would love the chance to use my gifts to help you. Give me a call
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To start your reading I only really need basic information like your name and the questions you have. I make my connection with you immediately upon hearing your name. As we talk my connection with you gets stronger. If for some reason I do not feel the connection I will let you know as soon as I can and not waste your money. I will give you all the information that I get for you regardless of if it is good or bad. I will always give you the honest truth which might not always be the answer you want to hear. I have had friends and clients that did not like the information and advice I was given to tell them. I have told friends not to go to the bar, they went and got into a fight coming home with a black eye. I had a client that did not listen to me when I told her to run as far away as she could from the guy. She trashed me and told me I was wrong and ended up marrying the guy. Years later she called me to say she was sorry, that I was right. She was just getting out of the hospital from him beating her. Sometimes the information I get is a warning and sometimes its a good outlook. Sometimes it might be that you just need to be patient.
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