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Guide Deenia
Guide Deenia
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30+ yrs experience. If you are having a life challenge allow me to guide you to clarity. "Recommended"(ty e) "amazing * detailed * right on" "wonderful * fast * in depth"(ty a) "Very uplifting & accurate"(ty S) <3
Schedule: My schedule aligns with what God puts in front of me to do. My intention is to be of available service to you from at least 7:00p.m. till 11:30p.m. in Coordinated Universal Time which is from Noon till 4:30pm in Pacific Daylight Time Daily with on and off breaks. On some days I will be of available service earlier and till 9:30pm depending on the blessings God brings into my day. Fill you schedule with an abundance of love and blessings!

I have an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences. My journey in life so far includes consultant work, film work, television work, music work, art work, 12 step work, and The Work. My introduction to the Divine started with religious school and church. More recently I have enhanced my Divine connection with the study and practice of Science of Mind, Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, & Meditation. I live with a feral feline and I manage a feral cat colony. I am an ethical vegetarian.

You are the co creator of your own life. Each path you choose will hold awe and wonder. Allow me to give you guidance and insight into choosing your highest potential through each of lives decisions. There are many shifts and changes that are created by intention and focus. You deserve a beautiful life! Please provide 1st names. Thank you.
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Answers always given in areas of love and life and career. Stay aware if you are open enough to receive them or not. Life is full of beautiful lessons and challenges. Allow me to direct you to clarity regarding your life questions. It's my pleasure to be of service to you. Your peace is my joy! Let's chat!

Peace and Blessings!
Guide Deenia

A broader sense of clarity can be realized by expressing both sides of an issue, both the yin & the yang, the do's & the don'ts. That being said the following are some don'ts. Births, children, how many children, & pregnancies all fall into the medical question area & Keen does not allow medical advice. I also do not advise around issues of legal matters. I have a block around advising on anything to do with or involving issues of medical & legal as it is Keens policy to not advise in these areas.
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