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Priestess Kandi Ranson
Priestess Kandi Ranson
Life Coach And Crisis Councelor
10 minutes for $1.99
LIFE COACH AND CRISIS COUNCELOR: Getting guidance in our virtual world is no different than getting Advice in the "real" world. You simply need to find the Adviser who offers the kinds of services You Need.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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LGBTQ Issues
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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Remote Viewing
Psychic Readings, Life Coaching, Crisis Councilor
I will not Sugar Coat things for you. If you do not want the truth just don't ask. I can only report Honest, Accurate and Compassionate facts on all aspects of your life which I see, feel or hear; while Providing Quick connections to you with no wasting time.
Approach to Topics
Brief summary of my abilities:

Accurate Relationship Readings:
I maintain an open minded and non-judgmental attitude on a constant basis. Using my knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy, then couple these With my Natural Born Clairvoyance and Empathy to provide you with a reading that is quick, clear, concise and without judgment. I am direct and do not sugar coat anything. I have Decades of experiences Accurately Enlightening many on love life and other relationships. Come be Amazed at my accuracy.

Ordained Pagan High Priestess of all nature based religions and Certified Crisis Counselor. I provide Patient and knowledgeable direction, guidance and education. Available to Mentor you along Your Path.

Photo Readings:
Possessing the clairvoyance to read people and feel their vibrations my photo readings Are world renowned and reported to be most accurate. Want to know what the true past, present and future are for someone in a photo?

Tarot Readings:
Useful Tarot spreads of many kinds, all for advice and insight into your entire existence, just come natural to me. I have accurately read cards for too many to count. Isn't it time you had Your Cards Read by a Natural Born, Proven,Tarot Reader?

Complete Birth Chart with My Free Secret of Your Birthday Report:
I have been studying Astrology and Astronomy for over 3 decades. Proficient in preparing your birth chart, including my bonus "Secret of Your Birthday" report. These studies enable me to help you discover past present and future Facts About You.

Medium Services:
Natural Born Psychic Medium & Reader. I have been able to communicate with those who have left their bodies by reaching into the beyond since childhood. One even called me a light in the pitch blackness

Dream Interpretation:
I began to studying Dream Analysis and Interpretation a trying to understand dreams and nightmares 23 years ago. I have been successfully interpreting dreams and nightmares for over three decades

Spell And Ritual Writing Assistance To Suit Your Needs:
Your Words Are More Powerful Than You Think. The words that you choose to accompany your rituals and spells are very empowering. Choose them well. I have written an Informative and EZ to understand guide to writing your own for any occasion. ORDER THROUGH PRIVATE EMAIL SYSTEM HERE ON KEEN.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Honest · 4
  • Kind · 4
  • Detailed · 3
  • Accurate · 2
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