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Ultraviolet Angel
Ultraviolet Angel
Clarity & Answers! 5* Master Intuitive & Tarot
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I use tarot, psychic gifts and 15 years' on Keen to help guide you towards your highest outcome. I will need your first name, date of birth (as well as those you are interested in, if possible) and your questions. Blessings!
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Dream Interpretation
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Since young, I took a strong interest in metaphysics. After college, I was an intelligence specialist for the Navy, due to my abilities in pattern recognition.

Years ago, I had an out-of-body experience
that changed my life. My life force awoke (the magnetic core that runs parallel to the spine) and I experienced a full, spontaneous opening of my energy centers. Along with this, my ability to know the deeper meaning to seemingly chaotic occurrences grew exponentially. My innate talent for pattern recognition also grew exponentially, especially as it applies to interpersonal relationships.

Following my spiritual awakening, I returned to metaphysics and studied astrology, tarot, alchemy and spiritual principles with renewed intensity.

I traveled through Central America, South America, Egypt, Thailand, Bali and Europe working with shamans and energy workers while further developing my intuition and observational skills.

I have worked with David Wilcock, Sacha Stone, William Henry and many other leaders in the field of metaphysics. I have given readings to thousands of satisfied client worldwide over 15 years on Keen.
Approach to Topics
I am a psychic in the tradition of the Oracles, John Dee, Edgar Cayce and all psychic advisors. We can only lead you towards your destiny and help you make the best decisions for yourself.

Fate is determined by choices and since we live in a free will Universe, those fates are not written in concrete. Even soul contracts and familial karma can be transcended through will, faith and divine intervention.

What can be done is offer insights into the intentions and energy of people and things that are working with or against you so that you can choose the best path for yourself
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Ultraviolet Angel has been a user of Keen since 2007. Getting Life Path & Advice advice from Ultraviolet Angel through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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