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Anne Marie - Charismata
Anne Marie - Charismata
Pure-Hearted Psychic: Revive Essential Perspective
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Tuning into the ancient Wisdom tradition of Psychic-Clairvoyant services brings us out of the middle of our situations. We are freed to receive Messages from Spirit-Source-Pure-Consciousness; they strike to the core.
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My approach to providing service as a Psychic-Medium-Clairvoyant is deeply rooted in ethics, strong morals, and honoring the Highest Principles of Life. Authenticity and Good intentions are key!

I have been innately gifted with the Wisdom to astutely navigate and convey what Source/Spirit is providing you. The Truth is the only option with me.
I have devoted my Life to this as a full-time profession. With each reading I aim to glorify conveying the Expression of Spirit-Source, (your term of reverence) and how it may benefit you and your Loved ones. You have my full attention.

My reading style involves quick-checking Messages with you from our Guides for accuracy. This quickly confirms and builds our precise energetic connection. This Psychic process is valid and is not a "game" or "nonsense." This is Great news for you!
There is no room for fabrication in my being, nor in my Psychic service.

I convey Divine Messages by Grace, in a Spirit-to-Spirit way, without tools or drugs. I also continually fine-tune my Psychic-Medium practice; mentored by seasoned and grounded Psychic Arts beautiful Hearts. [I also specialize in Animal Communication = Joy!]

I have been a validated and dependable resource for over 10 years in my professional service as a Psychic and Medium. My clients return because they feel my genuine care, I give my best efforts as a Spirit world messenger, and I acknowledge that I am only the connecting bridge - I always aim to keep the focus on YOUR sacred messages, and your needs being addressed within the resilience of Grace.

My KEEN Listings:

Copyright 2021. Anne Marie - Charismata.
Approach to Topics
I happily work and connect with everyone; religious, non-religious, spiritual or not. My clients are from all backgrounds.
Even though my Spiritual paradigm Informs my practice, kindly be assured that I do not impose my beliefs onto your session. I do not use any tools for reading.

Our readings together enhance your Life and discern revelations beneficial to your situation.
I am a great fit for you if you are truly in a receptive state; when you are seeking positive change and Information that is revelatory, and connects with your Heart.

Listening closely to you and the Spirit realm, I intend to ensure that you feel at ease, and free to express all questions and emotions in a Peace filled connection. This is a space without judgment, please be assured! Here is where sustaining Wisdom comes to You.

Spirit has a caring way of Giving you what you need to hear, know, and understand.

***I do NOT offer the following services:
Witchcraft / Occult - Tarot - Numerology - Astrology / Zodiac / Horoscopes - Past Lives Readings - Entity Clearing - Chakra Scanning - Lottery - Pendulum Predictions - Curse Removals - Spells - Pregnancy.***

You are encouraged to interrupt me at any time. Literally, this is important for you to know for any reading at any time!
Requesting more details helps to deepen the reading.
Questions you may consider asking for further clarify:
- Would you please provide more details about [...that...]?
- Would you please clarify [...]?
- Would He/She/They be more clear on how they want me to interpret that / apply that to my Life?

Here is what you may expect from a reading with me thanks to Spirit:
--Honesty and Integrity: I am ethically bound to stay true to the Messages I am receiving and I honor the Source of those Messages.

__Highlights optimal paths for your consideration, vital changes that could greatly improve your situation or at least move you into a place filled with new awareness and perspective.

---Have your questions ready because I value your time and money and aim to work quickly within this platform.

---I tune into you, and your situation with names and a simple VISUALIZATION; which takes only seconds.

---The Messages given are Truth for today and meet you where you are. You play an important role in keeping the Messages alive and interpreting them for your Life.

‚Äč---I may ask, "Does this connect with you?" "Does this resonate with you?" Your reply helps me to navigate going forward in the reading. This provides validation; I dig deeper and stay on target.

"Kindness is essential for accepting Wisdom and planting seeds of growth in our lives.
I ask that you be kind to yourself, and kind to me as the messenger of Wisdom."*

Thank you for considering me as a help using the Psychic-Clairvoyant Modality.

Copyright 2021. Anne Marie - Charismata.

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