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Angel Melanie
Angel Melanie
~Heal Your Soul; Find your Hearts Desire~
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Honest Insights at an Affordable Rate ~ Fast, Accurate Reading, ~ Straight Forward guidance to Get the Clarity you need. Unravel the Mystery.
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Hello, My name is Melanie, and I am an energy reader.
*** Please Note: I do not give free minutes on a 3 minute reading. I also do not give minutes for a 5 * rating. Your reading must be 20 minutes paid, before any free minutes are given *** Also, no free minutes on promotional offers.
I channel in with my spirit guides to connect with your situation and concerns. My Spirit guides allow me to give you the outcome to your questions. Very in tune with feelings, and being able to feel other people's emotions and feelings, to give you the understanding and expected outcome to your concerns. I work very close with my Spirit guides to give you the clarity to your situation. I use many other tools, but feel strongly connected with my Spirit guides to guide you to your destiny.
I No Longer do Any type Of Prediction Readings, or When Questions, or Time Frame Readings. I only tell expected outcomes to situations.
Approach to Topics
No General Readings. Please be direct with your request. I no longer do any type of When questions, or Time Frame Predictions, Only expected outcomes to situations, and what to expect.
I do not tell you what you want to hear, only reveal to you what is revealed to me. I am sensitive and will be sensitive if the outcome is negative. I give fast, insight, details to your questions. No Sugar coating. You must have an open mind to the truth, as my readings are based on my energy not from other readings predictions.
Please allow ample time for more detailed answers. *A detailed reading can not be done in 3 minutes. A 3 minute reading is usually a Yes or No formatted question.
My readings give you insight to future concerns. I give future expecations to outcomes of situations and letting you know what to expect.
Life's changing events can be mysterious. Leaving unsettled questions and a cloudy vision for the future. **
My guides and I can help you see beyond the negative that is blocking you to your future path in life.

*** I do not Predict exact timing dates, or WHEN, predictions***.

Only tell you the expected future outcome. Please keep in mind that an expectation, is a future vision , that clarifies, the significant outcome to expect. Not exact timing, day, or exactly when things will happen. A positive hope, or change needed, if things are not heading in a good direction , for you to see the clarity outcome in your situation.
** Misleading questions, or "Test the Psychic" questions, in an argumentative direction will lead in to negative energy. **
My spirit guides tune in to voice connection, situational outcomes, and spirit. My Guides work hard to tune in to give you the best direction and outcome, to clear the path for a better future.
~Please be honest with your questions and readings, as my guides are honest to give you the best outcome accuracy to your concerns for the future. ~
*** I can only go by what my reading is with you. Not what other advisor, other readings have read for you.***
**Most of all, be prepared if the reading is not what you want to hear. I do not sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear**
Thank you for reading my page, and looking forward to connecting with you.

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  • Accurate · 99+
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