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Call me I will tell you honestly what s/he thinks feels plans to EMPOWER you & give you CLARITY/Soulmates Marriages Breakups Past Lives/MANIFEST YOUR LOVE NOW/Beverly Hills Self-Help Author of Happily Inner After
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One of my greatest joys is helping couples in difficulty return to love ❤️ Love Readings ~ Chakra & Aura Readings/Clearings ~ Past Lives ~ Career & Life Path ~ Manifest & Mastery ~ Destiny & Dharma.

LIGHTNING FAST CERTIFIED AND TESTED. I give thanks to God the Father in Heaven as I have inherited my gifts from birth, and have been a seer all my life. I have provided readings and healings professionally for 40+ years.

DEIDRE IS A PSI (PARA-PSYCHOLOGICAL) SPECIALIST: Remote Viewer Clairvoyant Clairsentient Clairaudient Claircognizant Clairescent Pre & Post-Cog(nitive) Psychometrist (Touch-Know) Medium Telethesiast Profiler Telepathist Empath Abscentist & Synesthete.

Relationship Coach, Deidre is Beverly Hills' award-winning author of Happily Inner After - A Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Knight in Shining AMOUR. She is a lecturer, instructor and keynote speaker. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Deidre is a mystic and self styled quantum activist of theoretical monastic idealism. She is tenured as a Supra-consciousness Imagery Guide using quantum energetics, phenomenology, depth, archetypal and analytical psychologies and Indigenous Native ceremonial pujas; and ceremonial services and weddings. Her work has been featured on various websites, radio stations and blogs. She has been keynote speaker at seminars and webinars around the world. She has been working toward publication for several years while developing TGI, her own healing modality, for the past 20 years, teaching at Yavapai Community College. She is the founder of “Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI),” a time-honored, proven technique of in-depth deep-diving treatments utilizing lucid imagery plus intuitive guidance and succor for subtle body support to maximize your functionality in life and love.

YES, I offer specials and discounts, please ping or email me.

"Do not hang onto fear; it will only stunt your growth." - Deidre Madsen
"This was my first reading with Deidre. before i even gave her any information besides a name, she asked if she could say something & took off with a piece of information that is absolutely correct. she tuned in almost immaculately. she was honest with me & her predictions resonate to my situation. she didn’t sell me a fairytale either - i got so much more relief hearing the truth. I’m grateful & excited to see how things unfold. thank you for sharing your gift! i will be in touch -XoXo"

"She is so loving and caring with how she relays the message. I really appreciate it. Thank you"

"I asked her where did she see the relationship going with me and my poi and she tapped in maybe 3 seconds hitting every nail on the head… it was literally fact after fact after fact INSTANTLY! There were no pauses at all. They way she took off from the basic general question I asked let me know shes the truth"

"She is a miracle worker. Thank you for everything again … 100 stars"

"She is amazing! She is very in tune with her guides and you can tell. I love how soothing she was. She eased any fears i had right away! I really appreciate her guidance through this very difficult time in my life. It was a short conversation but i will be back to update on her predictions! She not only gave a reading but also sound advice to move forward. It was what i wanted to hear, but she assures you that she wont tell you anything but the truth. You've got a customer for life! Thanks again !! ❤️🥰🥰"

"Deidre was spot on. She advised I would have communication from my POI from now (8/13) up to 72 hours. My poi texted me after 1 week this evening( 8/13). Thank you so much!"
Approach to Topics
Before you say a word, YOUR AURA IS CLEANSED to clear the path for our reading. Then, with just a first name and the sound of your voice, I connect directly and reveal ...

1) what he/she is thinking, feeling, planning on doing ...
2) recognize blocks ...
3) help lead you to the path (back) to LOVE

APPROACH: My guidance is honest and thoughtful and my readings will guide you to lead the most positive life full of joy, love and inner peace. "Show me the way ... take me to ❤️ LOVE!" I am directly connected with your Higher Self I AM, Guardian Angel Guide, Archangel Michael (protection) and Archangel Raphael (healing). Get answers today. If you're ready to hear the truth ... CALL ME. I DON'T SUGAR COAT; ASCENSION IS NOW! Allow me to help you find what you seek and give you the answers and relief you seek.

MORE HELP FOR RELATIONSHIPS: Discover your PAST LIVES together, get the Crossings and Highlights ~~~ YOUR JOB CAN AFFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIP: I will assist you with even the toughest questions about your LIFE PATH Career Business Job Changes Coworker Issues ~~~ SELF-GROWTH is Vital to a Healthy Relationship: I SPECIALIZE IN SELF-MASTERY: Spiritual Awakening Ascension Path Psychic Gifts Teaching and Guidance Manifesting Your Reality Into Existence Inner Child Healing Ancestral Lineage Red Thread DNA Support Activation Meditations.

IMPORTANT: Please do not contact me for mediumship readings on this listing, instead visit my other listing: https://www.keen.com/psychic-mediums/angeldeidre/12109431 where I offer REMOTE VIEWING Relationships Business Partnerships Persons Places Situations Events Lost Persons Objects and mediumship for family and pets. Keen does not allow medical (pregnancy), legal or investment/gaming readings. All readings are completely confidential. All predictions and timetables are based on most probable timeline of multidimensional multilateral choices.

"We are here to heal our lineage; follow the red thread." - Deidre Madsen
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