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Plaid Buddha
Plaid Buddha
Find peace and clarity in these challenging times.
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Recently featured on Good Morning America, People Magazine, the ABC Radio Network and newspapers world wide for his approach to psychic advice and understandings of energy bonds and connections between people.
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I am the Plaid Buddha (formerly DanSpeaks!). I picked this new I because 1) I love plaid and 2) I love the study and practice of Mindfulness. I've just retired from a 30 year career as a college professor to pursue a career in Holistic Health and Spiritual Counseling and Advice.

I first realized I was psychic on my 4th birthday when I realized I could "see" my present through the paper! People came to me for years asking me to use my "sight-beyond-sight" to give them advice. Five years ago, after my first Reiki Attunement the floodgates were opened and my psychic gifts came to full power.

As a clairaudient, I can hear from your spirit guides and can even confer with the guides of the people who you intersect with on this plane of existence.

I look forward to the conversations that our souls (and our spirit guides) will have when we meet.
Approach to Topics
I begin by asking your spirit guides for help and advice. Then I scan your chakras and your aura to determine how well the spirit energy flows through your body. We are energy. Understanding how energy works in our lives allows us to open the path to the Source.

For your reading, you will find the most success if you ask your guides specific questions about people or situations. If you prefer a general reading, I am happy to read your chakras or read your aura.

For troubling situations, I am happy to access the Akashic Records to help find clarity, direction and peace.

While I love to use my gifts to help people when I can - I do have some limitations. I primarily read energy and talk with spirit guides. I don't see the future like a movie, but I am able to tell you the likely outcome of choices and decisions. I can''t help you find lost things -- just ask my WIFE -- I can't find my wallet and I put it in the same place every day.

I am happy to help you and I will be the first one to let you know if I can't - I don't want to waste your time and money. I just want you to find peace and walk in the Light!
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