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Gina Marie1
Gina Marie1
2020 Forecasts Get Answers: FACTS-No Tools/Props
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TESTED:40 yrs as an experienced Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Empath. I specialize in love, dating, marriage and all relationships. I help you achieve your heart's true desires as everyone has true energy.
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Natural Voice Vibration Readings - Fast, Direct, Accurate - Specifically for you! Need: First Names, DOB and Specific Questions about Specific Issues. If you hear data that you already know and have not shared with me, it is because I am reading you. Don't shoot the messenger! FAST, DIRECT, QUICK, HONEST, ACCURATE No Health. Legal, Lottery, Gambling, Business or other Financial Type Questions Timelines Given! No Sugarcoated/Scripted Answers as each client is an Individual. LBGQT - A natural born Gifted one, I have helped 1,000's using these gifts to guide them toward fulfilling their lifepath destinies and their inner most personal goals. I will help you maximize your life's fullest potential. Open and honest, my primary goal is to provide you with confirmation, guidance and clarity. At the age of 12, I began helping classmates, family members and neighbors who would seek me out with their questions. As a younger person, I did this for no fee at all and amazed those I had helped. In 2005, I began offering my gifts to the public working exclusively through Keen. I do not use Tarot Cards, Candles, Incense or any other tools or props. I do NOT offer spells of any kind. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is Spiritually incorrect to read another without their permission. I have not and nor will I give my permission to anyone to read me , grab energy from me or for any other reason wanted during our call or chat sessions. I am a highly evolved Advisor and will KNOW when you or any entity aka spirit is trying to enter or ARE IN my energy and reading me. I will end any chat or call that violates the highest of Karmic laws ....again which is ...you may not read another without their direct permission and No one on has permission to read me. This site is divinely inspired and protected!
DISCLAIMER: Please note you must be 18 years of age or older to call. Any advice or guidance you receive is not a substitute for professional advice you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor, psychologist, lawyer or financial consultant. I will not be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the provided information. By viewing my Keen site aka page you completely agree that the advice you receive is not to be substituted for any professional services you may need and simply is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. You also agree to absolutely indemnify and hold Gina Marie1 harmless in all areas.

Approach to Topics
Experience, Tested and Trained by The High Masters. I welcome All Issues and Any Questions: Past, Present and Future. I am Accurate, Honest and provide True Anwers Good or not so Good. A Clear Channel, I am of an ancient lineage, all gifted many with the same gifts given to me. Our session will give you clarity, peace of mind and a brighter outlook with accurate and honest gifted insight. I am here with strong bright energy to empower you.

All answers given will be fast, accurate, kind, compassionate and direct and for some it will not be what they want to hear but need to hear. Together, we will find the answers as shown by the guides and what is on your lifepath. Answers for you Highest good given. Be it Chat or Call - either method works for me; however, for deeper issues calling works best for me as I can get more information from your voice vibration. My mother would often say: Worry and Negativity are a WASTE of your Imagination! Stay positive in all you do!! Knowledge is Power - Information is Liberating!
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