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Kristin Lee
Kristin Lee
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Psychic-Medium Kristin Lee Looks into the heart & soul of your situation.Channels fast, gives you timelines. Straight forward & to the point; direct with love.Truthful. 91% tested for accuracy. Real deal! Uses no tools.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
I’ve always been psychic. For the past thirty years I have built a rapport with spirit and universal energies that feed me information my callers need to know. Because of my psychic abilities, I have helped thousand’s of people. I look into the heart & soul of the situation, I can tell what someone is thinking, how they feel about you, or what they will do. I can channel deceased loved ones, help you with your love life, should you leave your partner or work it out. I’m also a forensic psychologist & paranormal TV personality. I’m very well known in the paranormal & psychic worlds. I’m easy to talk to, and I don’t waste time. I tune in by first names and just a little bit of background about your situation.

New bio Kristin Lee

Kristin Lee has appeared on the Bio Channel, A&E, Destination America, Travel Channel, and Lifetime Television. She is a master level mental health professional.
Kristin Lee is an international psychic medium who worked all over the world!
Reverend High Priestess of the old world Stregerian religion, Lee is serving in her local paranormal community as a metaphysician, teaching haunted survivors new metaphysical tools to overcome his or her past residual energy from paranormal encounters. With her education, she implements psychological therapies to show callers how to recondition their thought processes to get through his or her crisis. She is a Psychologist & Psychic! Her Psychic/Medium work encompasses how social psychology and behavioral science correlate to the supernatural or paranormal investigators, psychic mediums, and empaths. She also studies a higher intellectual source of communication, multi-dimensional source of communication, how metaphysics coincides with physics, and the physiological effect of the human body while one investigates the world beyond ours, the unknown.

When you sit down for a one-on-one psychic consultation with Kristin Lee, she quickly tunes into your energy and tells you how someone feels about you, helps you identify love matters, occupational components, your Saints, Angels, and old-world Gods, to give you peace of mind. This gives you an understanding of where your life path is taking you and how you can reach your higher level of self.
Lee is very straightforward and doesn't waste any time. She dives into your magnetic field, swims around until she hooks onto the information that comes through to help you reach your most high.
Kristin Lee has a firm belief that we are spiritual beings having human experiences; and the more spiritual we become, the less humanistic complications we will have in our lives. She does not judge & will always be here for her callers. She only asked that you come into your session with less of a attitude and more of a open heart to get your life on track & receive spiritual guidance for your greater good.

Kristin Lee is a published author of two books.

Approach to Topics
Kristin does not give general readings, so please ask a question and mention all applicable first names to begin. She’ll quickly tune into your voice, vibration, and magnetic field of your energy to identify specifics pertaining to your state of affairs. Very straightforward and honest about what she feels and sees, she wastes no time when guideing you toward getting the most out of your psychic consultation! She wants to show you where things stand, if you have a future with a partner, and/or discover if new love is coming soon. Kristin says, “I have connected with over thousands of people. I am open to all! I truly care and will always be there for my callers. Clients tell me I am on track, and I also am able to pick up on messages to receive confirmation.” She developed her natural psychic gifts by reading people and building a spiritual rapport with the gods and angels. Kristin truthfully details messages you need to know to make positive changes. Reading professionally for over 25 years, she specializes in offering insight into the heart of any situation, connecting to deceased loved ones, helping you understand paranornal activity/hauntings, conversing with saints, angels, deceased loved ones. Time lines.
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