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Readings By Rakael
Readings By Rakael
Don't Just Wish, Create Your Great Love !
Love is supposed to bring happiness and joy into your life. Unfortunately often it doesn't. If you're struggling, let me assist. Let's dive in and look at core issues standing in your way with accuracy, compassion and wisdom.
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Skills & Methods
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Namaste ! My name is Rakael.

I provide online psychic love readings to help you -
1: Find Love
2: Feel Empowered
3: Lead a Happy and Healthy life

Peacock is my spirit animal, guide and protector. On one of my many travels around the world, he spotted me out in the desert and led me to spirituality 25 years ago.

It was a tumultuous time personally, series of setbacks and a near death experience had brought chaos. At a low point, when next steps looked blurry, he reminded me to be confident, brave and own my truth. Through appearances in my dreams using symbols and messages, he encouraged me to explore the spiritual world. I began connecting with my intuition, gaining awareness into the subconscious and eventually realized my gifts of seeing and hearing.

To develop my psychic ability and skills further, I trained with spiritual masters in California. I am a certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. I also have a Master's degree in Business.

I specialize in interpreting people - their intent, behavior, feelings, thoughts, actions - as well as relationships.

For 25 years, I have conducted numerous psychic readings online (over 41 thousand on keen alone). I have served people from all walks of life - business executives, lawyers, artists, students and even Hollywood celebrity song writers and actors on Relationships, Career and Finance.

My readings are classy, intelligent, accurate, detailed and customized to your personal situation. My clients are typically long term that trust and rely on my guidance in moments of uncertainty while making life changing decisions.

You can reach me via Calls and Chat. I work 7 days a week from 9AM - 1PM and in the evenings from 6-11PM PST.

Reaching me by phone will provide for a voice to voice connection, which can feel more private to some.
Chat is certainly convenient. You can be at work, home or a public place and not have to worry about privacy.

Either ways, I look forward to providing you the best online psychic reading experience.

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Approach to Topics
What to expect from your online psychic best love reading ?
1: Expect a high-quality, direct, compassionate reading experience when you call me.

2: Once we connect and exchange greetings, I need your first name and specific question Only to tune into the energies. No additional information necessary. Expect specific, customized answers to your concerns, in an easy to understand manner.

3: Expect clear guidance, no fairy tales. Please bring a positive, relaxed, open and trusting mind for best psychic reading experience. Negativity, testy attitude has no place in our time together.
4: Expect no judgement of any kind. You can ask me any question that concerns you, on any topic (excluding medical).

5: Want vivid details? I use a combination of skills and inherent abilities during our session - intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and tarot to bring you the best spiritual guidance.

6: Want prediction accuracy? No reader is 100% accurate all the time, every time. I will do my best. I will share the good and bad with integrity and honesty. I read only 1 year ahead of time for higher accuracy rate.

7: Best psychic love readings aren't simply about fortune telling. Expect deep clarity and meaningful guidance as you navigate through your love challenge.

What to keep in mind before you call for spiritual advice?
1: It's helpful to get a sense of my reading style. I encourage you to read my feedback.

2: My approach towards readings is empathetic, simplistic and realistic. You won't hear any woo-woo jargon that is hard to comprehend. I am mindful of your feelings at all times.

3: I treat my clients the way I like to be treated - with respect, integrity, compassion and confidentiality. You can expect 100% truth from me, which also means that some times the readings can go against your personal hopes and desires. Its just how life is for all of us. I promise never to compromise just to make you feel good at the moment. That would be a disservice to you and bad karma for me.

How to receive the best psychic love reading experience ?
1: No matter what your state of mind prior to call, gather your thoughts, be calm, it helps create a nice energy between you and the reader. Stress, irritation, agitation works the opposite.

2: Pick your adviser wisely, read about their style, reviews and feedback to ensure they are ethical and right for you.

3: Avoid psychic scams by paying attention to those making outlandish claims about their services such as casting spells etc.

4: Look for clues and specifics to determine if you are connecting well. You won't connect with all readers and that's okay. Don't unnecessarily volunteer information.

5: Be open minded and realistic in your expectations from psychic readings. No psychic is 100% all the time and I also do not believe that they can see forever in time. So get your answers but live your life.

6: We all want our outcomes instantly, in our time frames and in the manner we want. When in reality, God, has a plan for all of us, called a Divine Plan. If I give you timing, please know there are many variables for it to come to pass - emotions, free will are two. If an event has not manifested on the day I said it will, it does not mean reading is wrong or things have changed. It may just happen later. Be patient.

7: The more you trust and surrender to God, easier and more peaceful your life will be. We cannot control people, events and outcomes. Letting things unfold as and when they are supposed to has always worked wonderfully for me and therefore I recommend.

What is a Psychic love reading?
A love reading sheds light on aspects of romantic relationships - feelings, intentions, actions, break ups, divorce, live in, marriage, recovering from a loss, finding new love.
A psychic uses their extra sensory powers and learnt modalities such as tarot, astrology, runes etc. to interpret the current energies.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Accurate · 12
  • Helpful · 12
  • Kind · 12
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