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Kira de Ra
Kira de Ra
Details, Predictions, Insight! NO FALSE HOPE.
ext. 05227646
NYC Based Shamanic Healer, multi-dimensional clairvoyant intuitive, empath, medium, and a channeler. Extremely DIRECT, no FLUFF! Honest and compassionate. Fastest chat on KEEN @120 WPM
I did not train to obtain psychic abilities---I was blessed with these gifts since birth. My passion lies in helping people.
I am a Shaman with a background in Eastern Medicine with an integration of Western Medicine. Many years ago I have submitted to the divine calling from the powerful team of ancestors and Gods in my lineage. I connect with each individual and every situation DIFFERENTLY, where I use various aspects of my extensive gifts depending on your questions, your energy, your needs, and our connection. My gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, trance channeling, remote viewing, automatic writing, etc. I am an established life coach and a shamanic healer specializing in metaphysical counseling, spiritual coaching, and vortex healing. Additionally, I am a co-founder of a private holistic facility in NYC.

Working at highly spiritual realms, I assist my clients with a higher purpose, and not as a mere "psychic" who makes predictions on the third dimensional level. My goal is to provide you with empowerment and clarity that will serve you well in the long term. The more receptive you are at receiving the highest, truthful guidance, the more information will come to me in a FLOW. The more desperate and attached you are to a specific outcome, the more blockages it will create in manifesting that desired outcome, not to mention the blockages in the reading. Also, I would like you to understand that the more "readings" you get, especially from MULTIPLE readers, it will increase the likelihood of you NOT obtaining what you want.

I do not sugarcoat any information just to have you keep coming back to me. I truly believe in the divine purpose behind my spiritual and intuitive gifts, and it is in my utmost intention to NOT mislead/misguide anybody. I hold pride in the fact that I am an ethical and accurate reader with integrity and compassion. I have sincere intentions to help you whether it be about navigating your relationship issues or your confusion/blockages in other matters of life. I am inspired to provide you with true and earnest EMPOWERMENT so you can find the power within yourself to make the right decision.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my gifts with you. I work at high vibrations and I invite you to join me in my light-infused reading sessions!

Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce Family/Friends Career/Work Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Medium Remote Viewing
Approach to Topics
I AM HERE TO ASSIST YOU, BUT I REFUSE TO ENABLE YOU. Please be advised that I do not connect well with people who are on a psychic binge, as frequent readings bring your vibrations down.
If you have found an advisor that works for you, stick with them. If you have pending predictions, WAIT for things to UNFOLD!!!!!*


I have a very direct style of conducting readings. This leaves no room for sugar coating/embellishing. I am not the reader for you if you have an attachment to a specific outcome or embellished style of reading. The more relaxed and open you are, the better the reading will flow. Please be respectful and expect the session to be a conversation and not a script. Do not play mind games and be specific with what you are trying to ask and do not purposely hold back confirmation If I am trying to verify something. My intention is to provide you with a reading that is most beneficial to you, and your receptivity and communication is an integral part of the equation. If you are purposely closed off, I can almost guarantee you will not have a clear reading.

If you are only looking for timeframe driven predictions- for example, just to ask "when will X contact me"- I can guarantee you the session will not be worth it for either of us so please contact other advisors. Besides the "when," there's so much more to the root of your questions and concerns. I find deeper purpose in providing you with insight and guidance that is practical and insightful.
*Please do NOT start your question with a "when". I DO provide timing, but time is fluid and there are so many variables that can affect the future. Timing prediction should be a product of the reading, not an opener. Please allow me to connect with their energy first before giving you any sort of predictions involving timing.

I am a highly sensitive empath. It is important you get your reading when you are feeling calm. Please don't contact me if you are TOO upset (especially if you are a new client). Unless I have familiarity with your energy, your negative energy will affect the clarity in the reading. I do not connect well to cynical, pessimistic, and desperate energy.

I do not give my opinions or personal advice during readings. Surely as we build our rapport, there may be things I may say as a way of showing compassion. Besides that, everything provided for you is information received via PSYCHIC ABILITIES. I do NOT take guesses and make up what I cannot confirm via psychic senses, no matter how minor the information might be. I do not endorse giving false hope for a mere temporary satisfaction- that's unethical and unfair. I will simply tell you straight up If I simply don't know the answer to your question. Contrary to popular beliefs, psychics don't always know EVERYTHING, especially in the way that you would expect us to know.

I do not claim to be 100% all the time -- nobody IS! Often times there are things that we are not meant to know and see all the pieces, for that is a lesson that YOU must learn by making the choice and experience the consequences of your own decisions. Life is NOT written-in-STONE. Yes, there IS fate, but there is also free will! A LOT is unwritten.
At any rate, I promise to always work with integrity and honesty. I do NOT waste your money. Chat readings work best with me because I utilize the skills of automatic writing/psychography in my readings. I recommend at least 10 minutes of a chat if you're new. You can NOT get an in-depth reading in 3-4 minutes.

Please ask specific questions involving specific situations, as I don't do general readings.
I do NOT connect with everyone the SAME!

*Please no DOB*

If you have read my profile, please send me an email stating that you have done so, and I will help you out with a free min.
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