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Liane Pinel is an awarding winning spiritual mentor, author, publisher, artist, photographer, and the Founder of The Spirit Within Canada with over 40 years of exp. that will give you accurate, honest, & compassionate advice.
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I have been an intuitive gifted by the Faery Folk since my birth in Germany in 1965...eeek...thats a long time ago:) I was paid in chocolate bars to answer questions and I was very very accurate. I came to Canada as a child and learned quickly how to hide my gifts as people here were not so open with things they didn't understand. As a teen my gifts spiralled out of control and I thought I was going mad trying to keep them hidden and not think I was crazy...I didn't know anyone else who had faeries whispering in their ears! But as I opened more and more I started to find teachers and mentors and I found I was not alone! I was blessed and grew to help and teach others. Now I have my own successful and newly expanded metaphysical shops that sells crystals and readings and metaphysical supplies and houses a dozens of talented intuitives, healers, energy and reiki masters! Now I can come back occasionally to Keen and help YOU!

I have been working with Keen since 2003 when I came over with the Live Advice merger and I must say it has been a blast watching my regular clients grow and learn with me as I helped them set their feet on the proper path. In the past few years I was doing a lot of teaching here in Calgary, Alberta and started my own metaphysical shop and so much of my time went into the local community which I love very much. My company is happy and self-sufficient now and we have dozens of amazing intuitives, psychics, priestesses, and energy/reiki masters teaching and working to help others and sell some amazing crystal products and metaphysical supplies to those who need them.

So now that I have people to help out at the shop I have freed up some time so that I can come back to Keen occasionally and help YOU! You won't find generic fluff here and I will not blow smoke up your skirt/shirt telling you what you think you want to hear. My goal is this...to find out what blocks you from becoming the you that you need to be, to be truly happy! Whether it needs a listening ear or a bit of magick I can help you find happiness! Yes, that is it! Your spirit is here on earth in human form to be HAPPY! So how do you get there? Is it a guy? A girl? A job? Money? A house? Do you want to write your own book, create your own art? I can help with all of that too! Let me teach you in a clear and simple format how to become truly happy doing what you love. You can be sitting at rock bottom and I can help you take the steps necessary to climb up to what is just out of your reach...true and lasting happiness.
Call now and let me get those steps started!

Or email me on Keen to get the lesson that I charge over $400 for in my coaching program for only $44.44!

Just need a quick answer? I am fine with that too as long as you know that I won't just say what you want to hear. I will let the universe and guides tell you the truth and sometimes that's not what we want to hear but it is what you need to hear. You choose!
Until we talk, live in love, light, and laughter!
Liane Pinel
aka TheFae
Approach to Topics
I am blunt, honest, and swear like a...well...:) I can work with or without the use of any tools...the tools are for your confirmation, not mine. I know what I am hearing and feeling and I have honed my expertise over the past 40 years. If you needed to simply hear what you want to hear you won't get that from me and if the occasional F-Bomb offends you then I am definitely not your girl! Clients find me because they need help...help to solve a problem... with energy work, help with blockages, help with what is keeping them from their best lives and their life purpose. Fluff won't fix that but honesty and empathy and compassion mixed with a wee bit of faery magick can!
What I channel for you is not based on my own feelings and predispositions, it is from Source and I give you that, and at the moment that I received the message you can feel its truth. You may not like that truth, for instance, Source says that "person" is not for you. Don't shoot the messenger just because I told you something you didn't like. I would rather be honest with what I see or feel coming in and be correct to help you heal and move onto the right path than watch you settle or chase something that is unhealthy for you. My job is to bring you to your best outcome in life, whatever that looks like, and the Universe knows how to get you there. Let me guide you on letting go of the worries and doubts and getting onto the right path to bring continuous smiles and heart-happy moments:)

Please note- All readings are for *guidance purposes only. You alone are responsible for your perceptions and decisions. No outcome possibility should be taken as a guarantee.

Only you are in charge of your destiny, and the only one who decides the next step. The best I can do is give you your options, and you will know where to take it from there!
*Note taking a reading from me means that you will allow me to do my best job and you will not leave a negative review just because you didn't hear what you wanted to. If he/she/they are NOT good for you, I WILL tell you that. If I think you should walk away I WILL tell you that. If YOU choose to stay waiting or with them then that is on you and that's fine, just don't leave a negative review because you chose not to listen or like what I see/feel/hear. If I don't feel a connection between us I will tell you that too and let you go quickly to seek another reader. That has happened very few times in my long career though it is still a possibility. And it's possible that you don't like my crazy vibe and that's ok too! You be you and I will be me and if we work well together I can help you change your life! ;)
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