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Coexistence of the material and the spiritual is the human way to enlightenment. We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Expert Twinflame/Sacred Partner/Soulmate Coach.
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I have always been sensitive and highly intuitive since I can remember. But after experiencing a near death experience as a young adult, my psychic abilities were stronger than ever and something that I could no longer ignore. They came in the form of visions, auditory and sensory, as well as numbers, signs and synchronicities.
I quickly learned to protect myself from the lower vibrational energies and intentions of others around me; only channeling when necessary and with the aid of my spiritual team.... as it was overwhelming to feel the energy and intentions of others.

After traveling to a caribbean Island to be alone for two months after some tragic events that had unfolded in my life, I had my full spiritual awakening. It could only be compared to turning on a light switch to the spiritual realm that I was not able to turn off.

My own guidance comes in the same form, from the akashic and higher realms; as I navigate my own life based on my destiny. And in the unfolding of my destined path, it has led me to helping others find theirs.

I use my psychic visions, meditation and the divination tool of Tarot to access the Akashic realm, and call in my guides and archangels for answers with clarity into the situation.

I have been using my psychic abilities, Master Reiki Energy education, decades of studying the Tarot, Numerology, Runes and chakra system (energy), as well as alternative modalities such as aromatherapy, vibrational alignment meditation and Reiki for vibrational imbalances in the human energy field.
Approach to Topics
My approach to your situation is handled with honesty, empathy and a great desire to find guidance for you on your spiritual path while you navigate this physical journey.

I will assist in helping you find the answers you desire, to recognize how to align yourself to your own destined path, and maintain your Mind, Body, Spirit connection to source, therefore living your best life.

What's meant for you, will always find a way! Have faith

Please do not ask about death and illness. I cannot advise on end of life or physical illness. Please seek a medical professional.
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